T-Minus 90 Days til I'm Home!

I feel like I'm grasping for anything at all to talk about, but I need to keep everyone up to date! Plus, I'm definitely going to appreciate these blogs once I get back and even years from now. So I'll start with yesterday and work my way up...

p/c: Katie Kovarik

I actually slept in until 9:00-ish. Yeah, that's right. 9:00 am is sleeping in for me now. Bet you didn't see that coming! When I got up, I did the whole showering and getting ready business and went to class at 11:00 am. Afterward, Katie and I dropped our books and such off in our room then went to one of the canteens (like a campus store/stand) to get candy bars for ourselves, Katy and Bea. Bea said early on in the semester that the one candy she was going to miss from home were Twixes. The other day, Katie and I discovered a candy bar called U & Me, which is the Ugandan version of Twix, so we were really excited to surprise her. They were sooo good too!

After lunch, I went down to the Florence common room to use the internet and idealistically start research for one of my papers. Guess how much of that I did. Joshua called me around 4:00 pm I believe, and I got to talk to him for a half hour or so, over the crazy, heavy rain and over the sound of my dying battery.

After I talked to the boy, the internet almost immediately stopped working. I wrote like 2 sentences of a paper that's due next week, then packed up my stuff and went to my room. I read some textbook stuff for classes, and was thinking about running but it had just rained so I really didn't want to. One of the Honors College girls on my hall came in to talk and said that her and 2 other girls usually go running at 6:30 and she decided I was going to join them.

We went down to the track and I was actually quite a bit faster than them, which surprised me. On like my 2nd lap, this random kid started running next to me and was like "I like your speed." I was just like "Umm...thanks?" He ran with me the entire time which was a little bit sketch, but it was kind of good because I had someone there to kind of push me to run more than I would've otherwise. I ran about 2 miles I think, then sprinted like the last 100 meters. After we were done, he asked me for my number, but luckily I didn't have my phone on me and don't know my number so I told him I'd probably see him there again (not).

I went to dinner right after, a sweaty mess and mud up to my knees, but it was wonderful. I know this sounds really bizarre, but my favorite food here is definitely cabbage. SO GOOD. Katy, Bea and I ate dinner with a couple of the Honors College kids. When we got back they went to watch a movie with my roomie, Katie, and I stayed in my room to do more reading. I feel like it's all I ever do, and I still get so little accomplished! I went to bed around 11:30ish and it was wonderful :)

This morning I had to get up earlier than usual because I had orientation for my service project at 8:00 am. I'll be working on campus, and we can choose to either work in the Children's Library (which doesn't involve as much interaction with kids) or the Day Care or both. I'll probably end up doing the Library, because swarms of little children can be somewhat intimidating for me. Immediately after the orientation at the Day Care, I went to my East African Politics class and by the time we got out at 9:30 am, I was starving! I went to one of the canteens on campus to get a chapati (tortilla-type thing) because I heard they had the best ones around. But when I got there....they had BROWNIES! You can bet your ass, I got me one of those! I got one for Katie too, and she pretty much died. I'm pretty much the best roommate ever.

That all leads up to now! Hope everyone that reads this has a blessed and fantastical day! Nkwagala!


  1. All I ever do is read too and I am still perpetually behind!!! It is literally impossible to do all the reading my profs give me and it sounds like it is the same 4 u 2! love u and miss u tons!!!

  2. Yay!!!!! for less the 90 days by the time i read this!!!!! haha I totally expect 9am to be sleeping in for you next year when we're roomies!!!!! :)