My Week in a Nutshell (Sort of)

Well, this week has been nothing short of eventful. So as opposed to the usual run down of my days, I'm going to share the emotional journey that Uganda has taken me on these last few days.

To start, I'm going to ask that everyone continue to pray for me. I'm in the midst of pretty frightening spiritual battle. I think the fact that God is so present and relevant in this place is making the devil really uncomfortable. I've really begun to begin working on my relationship with God, and Satan is pretty threatened by that. The last 2 days I've been surrounded by what I can only describe as evil. I can't even put it into words, I just feel the devil attacking my mind and it's been quite unnerving. I've really been wrestling because sometimes I can't even differentiate between my own thoughts, and what Satan is trying to make me believe.

Anyhow, last night was it for me. I broke down and asked God to forgive me, and although I knew I didn't deserve it I asked Him to make Himself known to me, because I was really scared. Not only did he lovingly and gracefully do those things, I also asked Him to drive out the evil that was surrounding me and fill me with His spirit. He came through. I'll leave it at that, but know that I'm doing a lot better. It's a continuous struggle trying to trust in His plan for me, instead of leaning on my own understanding and trying to do what I believe to be best for me, so please keep me in your prayers.

Aside from that, I've been kind of sick these last few days. I don't know if it's nerves or stress or what-have-you, but I just can't seem to keep things down! So please pray for that as well.

Now, onto the big stuff. Mommy- you'll be receiving an e-mail from Best Semester giving more details and such, but for the rest of you, here goes: Yesterday, the University received a threatening letter from what is belived to be a radical Islamic terrorist group (BUT IT'S NOT FOR SURE, SO DON'T FREAK OUT YET!). Anyway, we weren't given much info as far as what the letter said, but we were told that one line said something along the lines of "All Americans should go home." UCU and USP are taking it very seriously and are tightening security accordingly. As a safety measure, all USP participants have been told we're not allowed to leave campus for the next 48 hours...until we leave for rural homestays, which will still proceed as planned.

On top of all this, Uganda police forces also released a notice yesterday of terrorist threats in Uganda as a result of extremist rebel forces who are not happy about Uganda's peacekeepers in Somalia right now. UCU is taking all necessary precautions, and increasing security, as far as who can come on campus and apparently they've also increased security within the Honors College, since that's where all us Americans are staying.

It's pretty crazy news...all of it. But I feel completely safe. I honestly don't think the letter was anything but a disgruntled student wanting to stir up trouble. Regardless, please keep Uganda in your prayers, as the threat of terrorism is real. I love you all, and if you have any questions or anything, you probably already know how to get ahold of me.

Love you all ♥


  1. Kaity dear,
    Of course you are confused. You are in an environment with constantly changing and trefullnew experiences. But, that is good. it is a part of learning who you are and what you are meant to do.
    With no conflict you just go blindly ahead and learn nothing. So slow down, listen, obsrve and allow yourself some time to understand what it is you are meant to do. In a word-give yourself a break!
    And yes, God understands your conflict and knows it is a good thing.

    Love you and love reading yourmessages.

  2. Kaity,
    you are in our prayers and I know exactly what you mean about satan and his attacks. You have the authority of Christ to tell him to leave you alone. Life is a spiritual battle and you are on God's side :)
    satan always fights to try to pull someone away from God when he thinks he is losing. God's grace will be evident in times like that.
    Love ya
    stay strong and safe
    Cathy Anne