Day 3: Whaaat?!

Another day gone and over with at Uganda Christian University. This morning I got up and got dressed and went to class at 8:30 am. The class was East African Politics since Independence. The class is made up of USP students but is taught by an African lecturer. It seems like it won’t be bad at all. Most of the classes here have a much heavier workload as far as reading goes than back home, but there’s only two relatively good-sized papers and neither seems too difficult.

Lunch was at 1:00 pm…yet another meal of rice and beans (FYI: every meal thus far has been rice and beans), then we all went to class at 2:00 pm. The class is Faith & Action and all 40 of us USPers are in it. The workload is pretty intense, but should be worth it because it’s basically just a way for us to analyze and reflect back on our time here and what we’re experiencing. After we got out, I went back to the room to get a super head start on my reading when a HUGE rain storm came through. Hail, tree branches flying…you name it- it was crazy!

At 5:00 pm we had a meeting to talk about some of the rules of social interactions, dress code, etc and soon after Katy, Katie, B and me decided to walk into Mukono again. On the way there we stopped by the Grand Opening of one of the canteens (a shack like place/cafe that serves food) on campus. They were serving muffins, these potato-like things that tasted like really fat French fries and a Tang-like drink. It was just enough of a taste of home to get me through the endless rice and beans.

Walking into Mukono was a tad bit frightening this time around. We left a little later in the day than yesterday, and it was only 4 of us as opposed to like 25. I got some Ugandan shillings at the ATM and we went to the supermarket and I got a juice box (pina colada flavor) and a chocolate bar. I was craving chocolate so bad! We had to hurry back to get to dinner on time, but we made it with time to spare to enjoy another meal of….you guessed it- rice and beans! Hahaha. Our friend Peterson that we met yesterday on our walk into town came to our table to visit and asked if I remembered him. He’s the first UCU student I’ve remembered the name of. It’s pretty sad how pathetic my memory is. That was my day.

So now it’s time for more Ugandan observations:

  1. I no longer want to ride a boda boda Those things are terrifying!
  2. Even the dirt here is pretty (like a burnt orange/red color), but it’s a big pain in the ass- everything gets covered in it, and pretty much everyone here but me has slipped on it .
  3. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the cold showers…
  4. This isn’t an observation, but they gave us cell phones, so stay tuned for my number so you can all call me!!

Love you all!


  1. So I was telling Mrs. Byrne about you going to Africa today and she says that whe you get home you have to visit her and tell her all about it!!! I miss you and love you!!!

  2. A Phone!!!!!! Thats so exciting, I will also be sending you minutes so you can call me and bekah and josh then :) P.s You've been getting up for early classes??? This may be a whole new kaity we're gonna see when you get back :p

  3. Looks like I will have to send u a care package full of chocolate and food other than beans and rice!!! lol!!

  4. to laura i could not agree more that we will be seeing a new kaity.. and i second the whole calling thing. to bekah you dont want to send a care package your looking at $150 for a small box.. :( and to kaity I miss and love you and stay out of the hail haha.

  5. Good afternoon Kaity, I am so glad that your experience is turning out to be a good one. My daughter Amanda is in Iraq and she says the same thing about the sand...sand is every where it gets on everything that you own. She is very tired of the sand, but she does get to have a varity to eat then just rice and beans. You are going to be very skinny when you come home, well look at it this way lots of protein in your diet. Oh yes, Amanda has to take cold showers also. She hates it!

    I keep you in my prayers to keep you safe and sound and I can't wait until I can hear all about your experience!

    In God we trust,

  6. If you get sick of the rice and beans, I hear the beans and rice are pretty good :)

    You don't need to lose any weight, but I think if things continue with that meal plan that you are going to be a little lighter when you return.

    what kinds of food do they allow to be shipped there?

    Love ya!