The Bad News

With any experience, I think it's necessary to report the bad, as well as the good news.

Last night as I was finishing up my internet session, B and I were headed up to our dorm to get to bed, when a young man approached us, crying, telling us someone he knew had just died and he needed help. It was a little unusual, but we told him we'd pray for him and if he wanted, he could find us tomorrow at lunch to talk some more. The weirdness continued for another 10 or so minutes, until B suggested that if he needed help, we'd get our RA to come out and help him. As we turned around to go get her, he yanked B's laptop from her hands and started to run away. B immediately tackled him, and he dragged her down a very steep hill into a gravel driveway. Her screams were heard by a bunch of local Honours College guys and they dashed out to help. They chased the guy down and managed to get her laptop back, but needless to say, we were both pretty shaken up and B's pretty scratched up as well.

I didn't want to share this to worry anyone, because the way I see it, for that one creepy scumbag preying on the charity of good Christian girls, there were at least 10 guys that bolted to the rescue the second B opened her mouth. If anything, this experience has definitely made me realize more and more what it feels like to be a minority, and that being a young white American female in Uganda, might prove to be more challenging than being a male. Sorry, if I concerned anyone, but know that I'm perfectly fine and everything is being handled.

I love you all, and I promise the next time you hear from me, it will be only good news!


  1. You're a very smart girl, I know you'll keep your self safe. But I am very sorry it happened, and you're group is in my prayers.<3

  2. Yeah Kenny just told me that story and I almost didn't beleive him at first...that's crazy...but kind of awesome that she tackled him...so anyway I had to come on here and see for myself! I love you and I'm praying for you!