Finding our New Normal

As if parenting during a pandemic wasn't eventful enough with hybrid school and remote learning, the past few weeks have seen so much happen in our life. Chuck and I shared our 8th wedding anniversary, I've lost count of the number of family members' birthdays we've celebrated, and I just got back from standing in as a bridesmaid for one of my my college besties. Life isn't slowing down for us anytime soon, so it feels nice that Saturdays have become the one day a week where life feels somewhat reminiscent of normal. With no alarms set, we enjoy our slow mornings followed by our weekly family outing to Goldfish Swim School- Dayton

We took an extended break from swimming lessons when I started back to work full-time. It wasn't manageable with trying to study for my licensing exams. Now that we're back, it feels even more special to watch how far my boys are coming in their swim skills. They were basically still babies (in my mind, anyway) when we stopped going and while they were on the cusp of being able to climb out of the pool independently, they were essentially just flopping around in the water.

Now that they're 4 and 5, I can literally watch week-by-week as their skills improve. We returned in June and in that short amount of time, Charlie has started floating without assistance, he's working on his front-stroke and is comfortable going underwater for diving rings. He has seriously amazed me with how much he has picked up just in his half hour lessons! Crosby is obviously younger and has always been the more timid and trepedatious one of the two. And though he's still working on his skills, just his attitude change toward swim lessons has been monumental. There was a point when the thought of getting into the pool would turn both my boys' mood instantly sour. We made it through tears and uncooperative tantrums to genuine excitement each and every week. 

It's a testament to their emotional development, but it also speaks to the model that Goldfish uses. Their "The Science of Swimplay" philosophy creates a safe space for kids to learn swim skills, but genuinely have fun doing it. Their instructors are wonderful and my kids are learning life-saving skills while just playing and being kids. I'm a big believer in teaching through play and I can see it paying off in my own boys.

As we approach winter and COVID doesn't appear to be leaving us anytime soon, I'm grateful to have an outlet for the boys to get out their physical energy and in a safe and sanitary venue. If you want to read more of my thought's on Goldfish's COVID response you can check it out here!

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