Mother's Day 2018

I've been blogging now for over 9 years. That's absolutely insane. In that time, my blog was a place to detail my study abroad adventures, a place to discuss my wedding plans, a place to set dreams and goals and document my progress, a place to share the books I was reading, and a place to document life as the Mommy to two of the sweetest boys.

I think sometimes I lose sight of the fact that this is my blog and it's up to me to determine its purpose and direction. I feel like I've gotten away from documenting more of our everyday life stuff because it didn't interest readers. Which is just plain silly. This is my life and I'm proud and happy of where I am. I love my family dearly, and although I do worry that sometimes I overshare, they are my pride and joy.

So with that little meandering thought out of the way, I thought I would share about my Mother's Day.

Mother's Day 2018

We woke up feeling a little rough from celebrating the marriage of Chuck's friends the night before. We had an absolute blast, but there was no rest for the wicked on Sunday morning with two little boys who were ready to take on the day! Chuck ran out and got some Egg McMuffins and the four of us ate together at "the big table," which honestly, rarely happens in our house. After breakfast, I was still exhausted so Daddy hung out with the boys while I laid back down in bed for a nap.

When I awoke, we showered and got everyone dressed and ready to head out to Chuck's family picnic. His Mom and Dad sweetly arranged a lunch of hot dogs, fried chicken, potato salad, and chips at one of our local parks. We watched all of the grandbabies run around the playground and just soaked up time with each other. They blew bubbles, climbed hills, and flew kites. It was one of those days where you want to take a mental picture of every second because it was just too perfect.

By the time we headed out, it was way past naptime for both boys and they were done. I promptly put Crosby in his crib and then laid down on the couch with Charlie to watch a movie. I wound up falling asleep before he did and settled in for nap #2 of the day (which let's be honest, was probably my favorite part of Mother's Day- two naps in one day?!).

We all woke up late in the evening and didn't quite know what to do with our time since we were off schedule and bedtime was looming. Chuck fed the boys some leftover hot dogs from the picnic and then we decided it might be fun to go out for ice cream. It was messy (shocker), but the boys loved it. When we got home, we settled in on the couch for another movie before putting the babies to bed for the night.

It was a sweet, simple, no fuss kind of day and I loved every minute. I'm so happy I have my long-desired DSLR because it absolutely prompts me to take more pictures at all our family events and I know I'm going to treasure having them in the years to come.

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