Our First Ever Kid-Free Weekend + a Living Room Tour

Yes, you read that right. Before this past weekend, Chuck and I have never had a kid-free weekend together. I've traveled solo without the kids, and he's taken camping trips with his dudes, but this was the first time since we became parents of two kiddos that we enjoyed a weekend just the two of us.

Every year, Chuck's family does a Secret Santa gift exchange. As the youngest of five, it is just not feasible for Chuck and his siblings to buy everyone in the family a gift so Secret Santa is the perfect arrangement. This year, my mother-in-law drew my name and my father-in-law drew Chuck's name. When she was stumped as to what to get for me, she came right out and asked. I told her that honestly, all I wanted was a date night with my husband.

As it turns out, Chuck said the same thing. So, my in-laws did us one better. They got us a hotel room for Friday and Saturday night in Cincinnati and took the kids for the entire weekend.

On Friday evening, after we got the boys settled at Nonnie and Papaw's house, we drove the 45 minutes down to Cincinnati and picked up some food at Trader Joe's to take back to our hotel room. We had a couple of vague ideas of how we wanted to spend our Saturday, but nothing concrete. The previous week had kind of kicked our butts, so we were just ready to relax and hang out.

When we woke up late on Saturday morning, I had an idea. I've been dreaming of painting our living room for months, but there's just never been a kid-free opportunity to do it. It seemed that this weekend could be our chance! I wasn't sure if this was a totally lame way to spend a rare weekend together, but when I told Chuck, he was completely on board.

We took our time getting ready, then we drove the 45 minutes back to our town, picked up our paint at Lowe's and started the process as soon as we got home. It took us a few hours when all was said and done. A little after 8:00 pm, we were headed back to our hotel and we spent the night munching on snacks and watching HGTV.

On Sunday, Chuck dropped me off at home so I could finish off the second coat of paint before our crazies returned home. When they finally got back, he played with them outside so I could get everything cleaned up and guys- it turned out sooooo good!

Unfortunately, I still have some items to check off my list before I consider the room "done," so you'll have to wait for the big reveal. However, I did take some "before" pictures that I thought I'd share so I can look back and compare when our living room is finally to my liking. So, here's what our living room looked like for the past two years in our home:

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