The Things I Want to Remember v.2

Back in March, when Charlie was newly two and Crosby was six months, I wrote about a post about the things I wanted to remember about their current age. It's been awhile and these sweet boys of mine are no less delightful, so I decided it was time to do it again: to document this wonderful, hilarious and messy season of our lives.

These are the things I want to remember:


I want to remember...how he loves to sing. Old MacDonald, 10 Little Monkeys, and Twinkle Little Star are his current favorites.

I want to remember...what a good helper he is. He's so eager to contribute when we ask him to throw something in the trash, or when we need to wipe up a mess.

I want to remember...how good he is with Crosby. There are times he does play too rough, but it's never ill-intentioned. He's just an Energizer bunny. When we ask him to be "gentle" or "careful" with Crosby he listens and (mostly) understands the importance of protecting his baby brother.

I want to remember...how friendly he is when we're out in public. He has to say "Hi!" to every single person we pass. One of his favorites, is his friend Jill. She works at our local Aldi and as soon as they see each other he exclaims, "Hi Jill!" Precious, simply precious.

I want to remember...how well-mannered he is. He gets away with a lot at our house, but when we're around other people, he actually minds us pretty well. He always says "please" and "no, thank you" when appropriate. It's so encouraging to see that some of our parenting is actually sticking.

I want to remember...how well-spoken he is. I mean, I know every Mom thinks their kid is a genius, but we've had multiple people tell us how well he communicates for his age. There are only a few words that trip him up, like "tonkaks" instead of "contacts" and "poo-taste" instead of "toothpaste." I rarely correct him because it's just so amusing.


I want to remember...the way he lights up when he grabs his mini-djembe and starts drumming, just like his Daddy.

I want to remember...the way he lights up when he hears music in general. I have high hopes for our littlest virtuoso.

I want to remember...his fits of giggles when you tickle or "nom nom" his naked tummy.

I want to remember...the way he rocks on my lap if we're sitting still in his rocking chair.

I want to remember...how he and Charlie have started to play together. How resilient he is when Charlie plays just a little too rough. How much he just loves to observe his crazy big brother in action.

I want to remember...how he leans his head into me when he's tired or when I ask for a "hug." Or how he knows to "lay back" when I need to change his diaper.

I want to remember...the hilarious way he furrows his brow and gives people the stinkeye when he's not sure what's going on.

What things do you want to remember about your children's (or niece/nephews) current age?

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