Last week, Charlie Davis "turned" 2.5. I know 2.5 isn't a real milestone, but as I mentioned last week in Crosby's 41 Weeks post, I'm a big fan of celebrating made-up milestones. Since Charlie has officially outgrown monthly baby check-ins, I thought about what I wanted to do to honor and document this stage in his life. I looked up some year-end/birthday interview questionnaires and found some questions I thought would be fun to track as my boys get older. So, at 2.5, this is Charlie:

Charlie's 2.5 Year Interview

Favorite TV Show: "Blippi" on YouTube
Favorite pastime(s): Playing with cars, running around outside, playing on the playground/Splash Park
Favorite color: We're still mastering our colors, so this is an unknown
Favorite toy: His cars and trucks
Favorite food: Scrambled eggs and chicken nuggets
Favorite book: Little Blue Truck
Favorite animal: He has a bit of a dog phobia, so prefers kitties
Favorite sport: Disc golf
Favorite movie: Minions

Best friend(s): His cousin Lucie and my friend's daughter Willow
When I grow up, I want to be: "Mowing"
What I sleep with at night: His "lamby" and his owl, Hedwig

Above all, Charlie is just so much fun and such a great kid. Obviously, I'm biased but he cracks me up daily. He is so silly, sweet and good-tempered. Everywhere we go, he greets everyone with a smile and "hi!" He is the friendliest kid. He loves meeting new friends, though he prefers to scope out new social situations before he joins in on the fun. Which is exactly what I used to do as a kid and it's funny to watch so many of my personality traits reveal themselves in him.

He's a great big brother to Crosby. Even on the rare occasion when he hurts him (either purposefully or unintentionally), he is quick to deliver a kiss and hug to make his baby brother feel better. He is the oddest combination of fearful and fearless. He does not like big dogs or getting water in his face. He can be very sensitive about his personal space. On the other hand, he wants to run, jump and climb ALL THE THINGS. He is constantly adorned with scraped knees and bruises.

He can be a picky eater. He's obsessed with anything on wheels- lawn mowers, construction vehicles, fire trucks, etc. Every night we change into pajamas, brush our teeth and read three books together. We never really read to him before bed until his transition to his big boy bed. Although sometimes the "good night"s are tough, it has become such a cherished bedtime ritual.

Charlie Davis, I simply adore you and look forward to the next six months of fun. You make your Mommy so ridiculously happy and I hope you never forget that. I love you.

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