Obligatory Halloween 2016 Recap

I'm not one for holiday or weekend recaps and I rarely do photo dumps, because I get irritated that my blog feed seems to be the same exact post every Monday. That being said, this was our first major holiday with two ginger babies, so I feel as though it should probably be documented.

I came up with the idea for our costumes about a month ago. It seemed super cute and easy to pull off. However, I had the hardest time finding the costume I had in mind for Charlie in his size. In the end, I found the perfect pattern on Etsy and had it sent to my Mom who ended up making his costume herself. Score! It turned out even cuter than I imagined so she was promptly informed that she will more than likely be making the boys' costumes every year for the rest of eternity.

On Saturday, our town did their Downtown Trick or Treat where kids can stop by all the local businesses. We got a really late start, but I didn't mind because it's not like either of my boys are at a candy-eating age anyway. I was just happy for the excuse to parade them around our town for a solid hour! 

On Monday night, our friends/neighbors two doors down had a handful of people over to their house to pass out candy and just hang out. I was so thankful they did because it took all the pressure off of me to decorate our house and build up our candy arsenal. I didn't have to do a thing except show up with our boys. It was a tradition I hope we continue every year!

Once we put the boys to bed Halloween night, Chuck and I snuggled up on the couch and continued our own Halloween tradition- watching The Santa Clause! I am that person who couldn't give a hoot about Thanksgiving and starts my Christmas celebrating on November 1st. The Santa Clause is probably our favorite movie to quote so it was a really sweet way to wrap up the holiday.

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