Mini-Maternity Photoshoot for Baby 2.0

Remember that fun, color-filled photoshoot I posted about a couple months ago? Well, my amazing, talented sister-in-law did it again!

Shortly after she dusted me from head to belly in rainbow powder, I asked her if she would mind taking a few pictures of the preggo belly. I never got maternity pictures with Charlie, and while I don't necessarily regret it, knowing that this will likely be my second and final pregnancy, it almost felt wrong to let it slip by without some kind of documentation.

Ashlee and I spent no more than a half hour or so traipsing around the little arboretum on the college campus in our town while I played the part of the pregnant, flower child princess. These are some of my favorites that came out of our afternoon:

Thank you so much, Ashlee! Although I am anxious to trade in this belly for a bouncing baby boy, I'm so glad you captured this beautifully blessed season of our life.

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