Baby 2.0 Gender Reveal!

Well, for those of you who may have read my sappy love letter on Friday, 1. Props to you, and 2. You already know the gender of Baby 2.0. For anyone who didn't care to read my obnoxious, mushy sentiments written to my husband, today's the day!

I had every intention of doing some cute, Pinterest-worthy surprise for my husband's birthday. Then last Monday, the morning of our ultrasound, Chuck and I decided we just couldn't wait. We had to find out that day. So yeah, no birthday surprise. No gender reveal birthday cake.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law offered to practice her photography chops on us and I was just so happy to have a way to celebrate the gender of what will potentially be our last baby.

This also didn't go according to plan.

Ashlee did her absolute best, but Charlie was not having it. He was an angel leading up to the pictures, and an angel as soon as we left. During, though? Talk about a toddler tantrum! We didn't get the perfect family pictures I was envisioning, but I am so happy and in love with the ones we did get.

So without further ado, Baby 2.0 is a...

Clearly, Charlie is thrilled.

Fortunately, he has some time to acclimate because we've still got four months to go until I am officially outnumbered!

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