That Time I Threw Up Into a Diaper Box and my One Year-Old Laughed at Me

Wow...where to even start? It has officially been forever since I last blogged, and weirdly, I haven't missed it like I thought I might. My blogging break has not been intentional. Truthfully, it has just stemmed from being in a place in my life where I am bone tired. Reading has fallen to the wayside, writing has fallen to the wayside, and I have been devoting 100% of the little energy I have to work and Mama-ing. 

Why so tired?

Well, it could have something to do with this:

In case you missed it on Charlie's adorably, tiny onesie, it says, "Happy Valentine's Day to me, because I'm a Big Brother-to-Be!"

And if you needed more proof:

Yeah, Baby Pep 2.0 is happening and I am feeling all the feels. 

We found out mid-January when my inexplicable nausea needed to be explained. I think Chuck just thought I was being mopey because typically, I am in the winter time. However, after awhile I knew that this wasn't just in my head- I really felt icky. So I unceremoniously took a pregnancy test and the positive line showed up almost instantly. I called to Chuck to come to the bathroom (because I'm classy like that), and with that, Chuck found out he was about to become a parent for the second time.

The kicker was, (and this is totally TMI), I never actually got my period because I had been breastfeeding Charlie, so I had no clue how far along I was. I called my midwife's office, scheduled an appointment for about a month later and waited it out, all the while, feeling like complete crud. 

February 8 finally rolled around and Chuck was insistent upon joining me for my first appointment since he had to miss several the first time around. He sat beside me while he heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time and then when we had our first ultrasound to figure out how far along I was. When we first saw 2.0, I couldn't believe it- s/he looked like a real little person and not just some creepy-looking seahorse! When the ultrasound tech told us Baby 2.0 was measuring at 11 weeks 1 day, we were both taken aback- we were practically already out of the first trimester!

Since that crazy day over a week ago, we have happily announced to our family and friends and have dealt with the weirdness that is a second pregnancy (which is really a whole other post altogether). I think everyone in our life is on Team Girl, including myself, as of this morning. I was really rooting for Team Boy only because I didn't want our cute little tot to feel, I don't know, unwanted? if it did turn out to be a boy. But the nausea and morning sickness has been so much worse this time around that I'm convinced it has to be a girl. Exhibit A? This morning when I accidentally got a big ol' whiff of Charlie's soiled diaper and had to throw up in the nearest thing I could find- so while I wretched on my hands and knees into a box of diapers, my ridiculous little one year old boy sat on his changing table stark naked, looking down at me and laughing. After I was done, I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the entire scenario- here I was tossing up breakfast, and little Charlie thought I was playing some kind of demented game of peekaboo! Haha Pregnancy with a toddler is certainly a different ball game!

I haven't decided whether to do "bumpdates" or letters to 2.0 this time around, and although I have a firestorm of pregnancy and life update topics swirling around in my mind, it remains to be seen whether my fatigue will come out on top.

For now, I'm just taking each day at a time and trying to keep down breakfast :)

It's crazy to say, but be on the lookout for Baby Stuckert #2, coming August 2016!

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