Our First Home (& 3rd Anniversary) Photoshoot

Every year that we've been married, I've had a professional photographer come to take our picture. It's been a tradition that I am so happy we initiated and I can't wait to have an enormous collection of our photos over the years. We have the opportunity to document our marriage and growing family, with the added perk of having photos to send out for Christmas cards!

This year, we closed on our house mere days before our third anniversary, so it seemed like fate that we have our photos taken in our beautiful new house to commemorate buying our first home together. Our good friend, Dani of Byrd Photography came by while my Mom was in town to watch Charlie so we could attend our friends' wedding. Dani truly outdid herself and I am so stinking happy to have these photos to document this amazing new chapter of our life together.

Home sweet home with the loves of my life. I could get used to this.

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