Blogger Love v.1

Is there anything better than stumbling upon new blogs to love? That's how I felt when I discovered Meagan at All the Joys and as it happens, Meagan loves to spread the blogger love, too! I'm so excited to join up with her weekly link-up to share my favorite blog posts of the week:

All the Joys - Blogger Love

We are Having a Baby BOY! by Gratefully Inspired | If you haven't noticed yet, I've got babies on the brain and I'm so happy that Denise will be joining the Boy Moms Club!

5 Resources for Free Books for Reviews by hellorigby! | I'm so thankful Jenn shared this. I immediately signed myself up with Blogging for Books.

World's Worst Mother-in-Law Ever by Coffee + Crumbs |  Yup, this will be me.

Book Pairings by Flowers in my Hair | I'm all about new book recommendations. I added Oryx and Crake to my to-read list based on her pairing with The Hunger Games.

18 Crazy Things I Said While Up With the Baby by Scary Mommy | Seeing as I apparently birthed a vampire baby who insists on waking every 2 hours to nurse, I needed this so bad. I LOLed throughout the entire thing.

What I Want You to Know about Loving your Adopted Baby by Rage Against the Minivan | As someone who has always dreamt of adoption, this is something I always wondered about. It was so brave of this Mama to put into words her bonding experience with her adopted child.

Dear Harper by Hippie at Heart | Candace is one of my favorite bloggers ever. The way in which she writes with such honesty about her journey as Harper and Finley's Mommy is the absolute best.

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Which posts have been your favorite lately?


  1. This week I found whisperingsweetly.com and her Operation Beautiful series. Take a look at it. It a great way to share blogger love!

  2. I was actually featured on Operation Beautiful forever ago! You're so right- I love it!

  3. So glad I fiund YOUR blog, it's too cute!!! Xo

  4. I'm so happy to have you join us! Great links - I love finding new reading material :)

  5. I love finding new blogs & sharing fav posts too! Scary Mommy never disappoints!

  6. I seriously love every single thing that they post on SM!