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I am a week away from having a 2-month-old! Time truly flies. At this point, I think I know what items were/are must-haves for us during these first almost two months.

Swaddle Sacks
Neither my husband nor I was ever able to swaddle baby as tight and snuggly as the nurses in the hospital could, and let me tell you, swaddling is essential! Babies don’t have complete control over their limbs yet, so their flailing arms can wake them up, and the last thing you want after you finally get a baby to sleep is for their arms to wake them up. My two favorites brands are the Summer Infant SwaddleMe and the Halo Sleepsacks.

White Noise Machine
Another thing many babies need for adequate sleeping is white noise. It’s actually loud in the womb, so they are used to sleeping in noisy conditions. I have the Munchkin white noise machine and projector and I LOVE it. It not only has a white noise function, but it also has lullabies, rain, heartbeat and ocean sounds. The projector function is just starting to come in handy as baby is just starting to see far enough to be able to see it on the ceiling. We have it over our changing table to try to distract her if she’s fussy during diaper changes. It also doubles as a night light.

Nursing Pillow
If you plan to breastfeed a nursing pillow will definitely come in handy. It was super helpful in the early days as I was trying to figure out what positions worked best for baby and I. I opted for the Brestfriend. Nursing pillows provide a nice support for baby, and help you get comfortable while nursing because you can rest your arms on the pillow.

Breast Pads
Also in the category of breastfeeding, breast pads are essential. You will leak. Almost two months in and I still have to wear pads almost always. I’ve only had one embarrassing public leaking experience in Kmart when I forgot to put on a pair lol. I use the Lansinoh brand and they absorb well and don’t show too much through your clothing.

What were MUST-HAVES for your during your first month with baby?

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  1. Your baby girl is adorable!! I agree about those breast pads!! For us, I found those bouncy-recliner seats a miracle. Neither of my kids were able to sleep flat on their backs, so bouncy-recliner seat is was each night for the first few months!

    1. I have a subscription to breast pads at this point lol. They show up on their own from Target every 5 weeks lol