Becoming a SAHM | Stephanie @ Share the Love

Hello there (Bee)autiful Blessings readers!  I am so happy to be sharing here today while our beeautiful Kaity is spending precious time with her new little one.  My name is Stephanie and I blog over at Share the Love.

Share the Love was initially a private wedding blog used to update our wedding party on any wedding-related news.  After getting married, I made the blog public and just kept on writing.  These days I write mostly about my life as a wife and stay-at-home mom (although I could now change that to “working stay-at-home mom” since I *just* took the big leap and started my own part-time translation business from home!)  If any of you run home businesses, I would so appreciate getting some tips!  Mostly, I’m curious about how to work accounting.  I’m also looking for free/cheap reliable accounting software.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at Stephanie.farrel12@gmail.com

So today I’m going to share with you how I came about the decision of working from home.

When I first found out we were expecting last year, my husband and I agreed that I’d be going back to work full-time (out of the home) in the fall, which meant when my baby would be about four months old.  Our plan was for my husband to stay home with our son until his parental leave was over in January 2015.   Being the great care-taker that he is, my husband would be a perfect stay-at-home Dad.

But our plans changed the night before my first job interview a few months ago.  I was nursing my 4-month old son at the time and he looked up at me with the sweetest most loving smile. His eyes were full of love. I saw in his eyes that I'm his whole world. And it hit me, a heart-wrenching sadness. I really don't want to return to full-time work right now.  I WANT to stay with my baby.  Actually there is nothing I want more than that.

That night after I put Kaid to sleep, hubby walks into the nursery to check up on us. I was a bit scared to tell him how I felt because I knew he was counting on me to go back to work to bring in more money.  Being on one income for the past few years while I was in school was hard on our family situation.  He spent the last two years supporting us financially. 
Once I said the words out loud, "I don't want to stop breastfeeding and leave my baby", I knew my husband "got it". I didn't need to say more. He looked at me approvingly and said "ok".  That moment was such a big weight of my shoulders.  

That was about three months ago and we’re so happy with our decision.  I love being home with my son.  Families, parents, moms and Dads need to do what’s best for their family.  Sometimes it’s going back to work, sometimes it’s staying home, and sometimes it’s a bit of both.  For me, it’s staying home with my son (for now).

What about you?  Have any of you gone back to work when your babies were very young to make sure you provided financially for your family?  Or does staying home work better?


  1. I know what you mean about wanting to stay at home! I was teaching full time as a professor when my son was born. I ended up cutting back and just teaching part time. But then when my daughter was born, my 2nd, it was getting so hard to juggle grading and child care along with keeping up a house and cooking! So my husband graciously offered for me to stay home full time. It's such a blessing! I tutor math on the side to supplement the income. We've had to make some sacrifices about eating out and not buying many new things, but I've just feel blessed to stay home! And someday I'll return to work, but I'm enjoying my babies right now.

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comment. Yep, same here, we had to give up certain things but it's so worth it for us. I'm glad you were able to find something that worked for you. Tutoring is such a great idea!

      I know what you mean about feeling blessed :)