39/40 Weeks (Yep, Still Pregnant)

Baby Pep,

Well, I had every intention of posting this shortly after my last midwife's appointment with any important updates. However, on your Mama's way home, she got into a little fender-bender which pretty much nullified those plans. I am one part furious at myself for getting into an accident when your Daddy and I were already strapped for cash while I went on maternity leave. But I am two parts relieved that both you and I are okay. For the first 10 minutes after impact, you didn't move and I was terrified. I poked and prodded at you pleading for you to move as hysterical tears ran down my face. The very kind police officer who responded was so concerned about you and offered to call us a medic, but after a few more nudges from Mama, I felt your little kicks and you've been moving around ever since.

I can't begin to explain how thankful I was for the kind people I interacted with last night. The police officer who reported, the volunteer policemen who gave me a ride to a nearby Big Boy restaurant so I could wait for your Daddy to come pick me up. Even the other driver involved was a lady who was so sweet and understanding, given the circumstances. Most of all, I am so thankful that you were safe and sound in my belly.

Your due date passed on Saturday and though this is a scheduled post, I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're not here yet. At my last appointment, the midwife said she could feel that your head had dropped, but Mama's body hasn't seemed to make much progress in getting you out. It looks like we may have a Christmas baby on our hands at this point!

Regardless of when you show up, it's going to be a great Christmas this year because...your Grandma and Aunt Kelly are here (as demonstrated below). See all those presents? They're for you, little man! We've got a week full of Christmas movies, shopping and little walks around the various fun tourist traps in Ohio. But if you do decide to come earlier, well, it wouldn't be the worst thing.

See you soon, Baby Pep (hopefully sooner, than later!)



  1. I'm so glad that you are having fun with your Mommy and Kello! You LOOKED SO HAPPY today! A little impatient (bouncing on your ball), but HAPPY! It was fun to see "Grandma and Aunt Kelly." I am glad they are here to help you pass the time and I'm praying little Pep arrives soon so that your coaches will be with you and Chuck. You gave me a scare last week, but you handled it so well. I had to hear your voice and when you said, "The lengths I will go to just to have dinner with my hubby at Frisches," I knew you were fine. Papaw Stuckert and I love you so much. Counting the days with you, Chuck, Rusty and Kelly. A new BABY!!! C'mon PEP!!!

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your fender bender. How scary! Thinking of you as you have now joined the overdue club!