Four Months Sober

Back in December, I wrote about my "resolution" to abstain from alcohol for awhile. I don't make really make New Years' resolutions, but I was making a commitment that happened to coincide with the New Year. It's been four months since New Years' eve and I haven't been under the influence since. That isn't to say a drop of alcohol hasn't touched my lips since then, but I think the most I've had is a half a beer since I cut out the cocktails.

And you know what? I don't miss it.

I had several reasons for my choice:

 1. For me, alcohol = truth serum. For good and for bad. I have no filter when I drink, which can be a good thing because I'm not someone who normally just blurts out what's on my mind. But nobody takes a drunk, emotional Kaity seriously. And that bothered me. I want the words that come out of my mouth to matter. 

2. I began to figure out that the setting for my binge-drinking was always the same: in a large group of people. I realized that this was no coincidence, I was drinking in these scenarios because I was uncomfortable. I have minor social anxiety and don't do well in big crowds of people, so in these instances, alcohol was a coping mechanism. I was drinking to function. Which I didn't like. I don't want to drink because I feel like I have to.

3. Hangovers. I am not someone who handles alcohol well. My husband, can knock 12 beers back in a night and be up and at 'em the next morning. Me? I have two and am sick as a dog the next day. Whatever fun I may have had the night before was totally not worth the wasted day after.

Reason #4? Because this look isn't cute on anyone...

I've never been a huge drinker anyway (well, except for that one summer in college...), but ridding myself of the stuff altogether has been a great relief for me. 

I may be the wet blanket, sober friend. But hey, it beats being the drunk girl who cries at everything!


  1. Congrats! On your accomplishment as well as your realizations :)


  2. Great job Kaity! I think the best part of your accomplishment is that you know why you're doing it :)

  3. Good job! I'm not much of a drinker because I think it's a waste of calories, but I do like a nice beer every now and again.

    1. I completely agree about the calories, too. I've actively been trying to lose weight since the time I've stopped drinking, but I don't think I would have lost over 20 pounds in 4 months (getting close to my goal weight, too!), if I hadn't cut it out.

  4. That's awesome! I've had to do the same thing because I realized that it always aggravated my dystonia. Then, they added a bunch of medicines, so overall, it just had to go. Sometimes I do wish for a glass of wine when we're sitting on the back deck, but now I'm getting creative with trying low calorie, non-alcoholic drinks, while my husband has a beer!

  5. I can totally relate on all of the reasons why you were drinking and all of the reasons why you're giving it up. Quite honestly - I wish I was as courageous as you to face my social anxieties in the mirror and cut out the drinking.