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Last week Alyx asked her followers for some Q's and this morning posted an adorable vlog filled with her A's. She returned the favor by asking the following questions which I'm going to answer this morning, because well, I have nothing more inspiring to write about!

Here goes...

Pizza Party @ the Stuckerts!
February 23, 2014

1. If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? (cost and language not a problem)
I feel so lame saying this, but given the choice, I don't think I'd leave the country. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel. But I don't think Chuck or I could be so far away from our family. I've never actually been there, but from what I've heard, Denver, CO sounds like such an awesome place to live. So if I had to pick a place within the States, I'd pick Denver. Lots of outdoor activities and lots of sunshine!

2. Where do you like to shop?

I really don't buy clothes very often, but when I do I usually buy pre-worn. I know Plato's Closet is geared more toward teenagers, but I will continue to shop there so long as I can fit into their sizes! When I do buy new clothes, I love ModCloth.

3. How do you plan your meals?

I don't. This is an area where I legitimately suck at life. Because Chuck and I work full-time and drive 1+ hrs to our respective jobs, I am never in the mood to cook when we get home. When I'm conscientious enough to think about meal-planning, I typically make all of our food on Sunday afternoon and try to make enough leftovers to last us through the week.

4. Have you ever had a garden?

Yes! If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love fresh food and I love to garden. In fact, as a part of my job description, I coordinate the Community Garden at the food bank where I work. Hooray for growing your own!

5. Do you love getting the mail?

Yes! A friend of mine sent me a "just because" thank you card the other day and it seriously made my week.

6. Any fitness app recommendations?
This was actually my question to Alyx, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!

7. What is the worst book you ever read?

I know many people would disagree with me, but I hated Frankenstein. Hated it.

8. What food would you never ever eat?

I will never not eat anything. I love food and I'm always down to try something new. That being said, blood soup would be exceedingly difficult for me to get over.

9. How many children do you want?

I have no idea. In my head, I'd like to have four. But in reality, I like peace and quiet so I'd probably be content with two. I definitely would like an even number though, so no one gets left out. (And partly because I just really hate odd numbers).

10. Name one item on your 'bucket list' or 'life to-do list' that you are eager to accomplish!?
I just really want to travel! I want to throw back a Guinness in Dublin, go on a wine-tasting in Cape Town/Johannesburg, and eat some bratwurst at the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich. There's so much of the world I have left to see!
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Now it's your turn, do you have any burning questions for me? Nothing is off-limits- so ask away, friends!


  1. I love these kinds of posts!! It's fun getting to know people. I am always jealous of people that can grow there own gardens. I mean, I know I probably *could*.... but I just don't have a green thumb, ya know? And I used to think I wanted 4 kids as well. It just sounds like a good number... but like you, I like me peace & quiet so we'll have to see what happens. lol

  2. Is blood soup a legit thing!? Ew! :)

  3. I love the "Hydrate" App! super simple but you can set it to send you reminders to drink water during the day and keep track of how much you're drinking. I'm terrible at drinking water during the winter so I find it really helpful!

  4. I love fresh veggies too. wish i knew how to garden and had a green thumb.


  5. Hi Kaity!
    I just came across your blog and so glad I found ya! Cute blog you have here! I love that you coordinate the community garden! So cool. I live in a condo now but as soon as I get my house, I am working on creating a beautiful garden - cannot wait!!!
    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as your newest follower. Hope I can have you stop by my blog and follow along with our little family and life in south Florida.

    The McGuire Family


  6. I love that you're a homebird! I am too!! And I also hate odd numbers like you, unless they're a multiple of 5, then for some reason, that's okay! Enjoyed reading your link up :D
    Chrissie @

  7. I may be biased because I live here, but Colorado is pretty darn amazing =).
    I feel you on the gardening and meal planning... so jealous that you get to coordinate a community garden, sounds like an incredible opportunity!

    Stopping by from Alyx's blog =)

  8. I wouldn't mind living in Colorado, it's definitely a gorgeous, gorgeous place, and Denver is fun! :)

    I couldn't finish Frankenstein - just couldn't get into it, so I don't think you're crazy for that answer.

    Thanks for linking up, Kaity!