How to NOT Make Money Blogging

Just in the last week, I’ve witnessed so many “How to Make Money Blogging”-type posts pop up in my feed. And although I admire the business savvy of those who opt to do that, it also saddens me because I feel like it cheapens the experience of participating in this unique and wonderful opportunity to connect with other like-minded ladies who just so happen to express themselves through writing. So today, I'd like to devote some time to give you some tips on how to NOT make money blogging.
1. Don’t offer sponsorships. I truly believe that at our core, all bloggers share the same desire: to be heard. So why not support the ladies (and minority of gents) who have the same aspirations as you. Instead, we charge them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve paid some dough in my day to get the my face out there in the Blogosphere, but I quickly learned that sponsorship was not for me. I wanted to promote fellow bloggers because I believed in them. Plain and simple. Also, I can’t tweet and shout out a blog that I’ve never even heard of before, nor have any interest in reading. I just can’t. I admire the ladies that accept sponsorships and follow up on their promises of promotion. But it’s just not for me.
2. Don’t do product reviews. How many times have you read through a product review and been excited about a new product only to read that tiny, italicized line at the bottom that reads: “I received compensation, etc. for this post?” I’m not saying bloggers who do reviews are full of it, but I think we can all admit that seeing said line does detract from the authenticity of a blogger’s opinion. And while I’m on the topic of reviews, there’s something to be said for exercising some discretion in accepting product review requests. That’s great that you’re super passionate about that specific brand of tampons…but I mean, are you really?! I was once asked to review a $150+ hair dryer. $150- are you nuts?! I would use that amount of money to buy a $30 hair dryer at Target and put the rest in my gas tank! I mean, seriously?! I have done one sponsored product review during my time as a blogger and it was for a product that genuinely intrigued me and I thought might similarly intrigue other readers. I’m not trying to get up on my high horse here, but I find it very difficult to take seriously the woman who compromises the dignity of her writing by receiving compensation for a sex toy review. Count me out!
Do post ridiculous pictures of yourself on the regular.
3. Write when you’re inspired. If you’ve stuck with me for any amount of time, God bless you. Seriously. There is no consistency in my posting whatsoever. I’ve tried to plan ahead and I love the feeling of accomplishment associated with scheduling a post in advance, but I can’t fake it. If I’m not inspired to write, I’m not inspired to write. And I feel obnoxious wasting your time on something that is completely shallow and uninteresting just for the sake of posting regular content.
I really don’t want to come across as sounding holier-than-thou. Writing is something that has always been a part of me. It’s my catharsis. It’s my soundboard. So I guess I take it personally when people much like myself don’t take it as seriously as I do. I love this community and I love this opportunity to write. So if you have no interest in making money and just plain love what you do, follow my lead. I’ve got it all figured out ;)
Happy Friday, friends!


  1. I sooooo get this!!! I'm into blogging so that I don't burn the heck out first and making money second...if at all!! I do try to stick with once a week which is considered very minimal in the blog world where 5 a weeks seem to be the goal. Offering ponsorships-forget it! Aint' nobody got time for that. At least not me!!

  2. I've been blogging for... ten years?? And I've never made a penny. Haven't even tried. :)
    I enjoyed this post Kaity!

  3. I enjoyed this! I tried the sponsorship thing (both on my blog and paying for to promote my blog) and I learned it wasn't for me. I've also recently felt too busy (and tired) to put the time in to writing quality posts, so I haven't. I'm trying to get back to just enjoying blogging rather than making it my second job. I admire the ones who have a huge blog and they post all the time and the promote people and products, but I can't do it.

  4. I've never made a cent on my blog & am perfectly fine with that! I don't get blogging for pay, really. I have never tried. And i prefer blogs without so many sponsored posts, etc.

  5. I've never made a penny on any of my blogs and I dont plan to. I dont believe in it. At one point I had 300 followers on blog but then started over and so far within a mth or so I've gained almost 90 on my own. So that's a good thing. I dont want to pay others to view my blog or to even do things for me. Just goes to show what kind of people there is out there who constantly want to do things for money. They are money hungry. You can live life without money. Its not a must. Trust me. I've done it way too many times.

  6. I did a sex toy review of a giant orange dildo. My friend and I did a vlog demonstrating how to use it to mix a cocktail. I was not asked to do another review. So odd. I don't get it... ;)

  7. Wonderful, thoughtful post, as always! New bloggers (like me) should definitely read this!

  8. I love this! I am a new blogger, and I feel like you've just legitimized some of the concerns I've had as I've been making my way into the big old blogging world. Thank you :)