About Me: 2024

I've been having a minor case of Blogger's block lately and decided to look up some Blogger writing prompts to get my creative juices flowing. One of the prompts I was drawn to was "Write the 'About' page for your blog in 10 years." I really loved this because regardless of the followers and the giveaways and all that other Blogger hootenanny, this is something I want to continue doing for years to come.
So without further ado, here is my About Me: 2024.
> > >
Hi, I'm Kaity!
(Circa 2014)
I'm the happily married wifey of Chuck (13 years and counting!).
Mama to three freckle-faced mini-me's and soon-to-be Mama to one not-so freckled-faced babe in Uganda.
Liker of Jesus (working on loving Him more every day).
Non-profit worker.
Masters' degree attain-er.
Globe trotter, food lover and master gardener.
Likes: Running, yoga, reading, canning my own veggies, chocolate and rainbows.
Dislikes: Odd numbers, mortgage payments, dirty dishes.
If you like fashion, interior design or crafting- this is probably not the blog for you.
If you like sweet Mommy moments, hopeless romance and fun-filled adventures, feel free to stick around :)
> > >
So what do you think? Am I utterly delusional? Honestly, as long as I'm happy, healthy and still lovin' on my Hubby- I could care less how my about page reads. But it will certainly be fun to look back on this and see how my story unfolds!
What does your 2024 'About' page look like?


  1. I absolutely love this idea! It's a nice spin on the usual list of goals too! I so want to do this, if not to share, just to have for myself!

  2. This is actually a really cool idea... I just might have to copy it. ;)

  3. What a fun idea! I think you in 10 years sound awesome :)

  4. I LOVE you in 10 years!! Oh boy, still married to my youngest (made me think about where he would be in 10 years!), 3 freckle faced grand babies and 1 "no so" from Uganda...maybe I'll take time off from work to go pick him/her up! Kaity, this was FUN. So, this is me in 10 years: Happily married 50 years this month to my one, true love; mother of 5 loving, successful children, MIL to 5 'couldn't-have-chosen-them-better-if-I-tried' great people; still reminding myself daily that God has it covered (without my help). Continually working; serving - 55 years of employment/volunteer work in a service driven capacity. Still asking God every morning, "Why have I been SO blessed?" Thank you, Kaity for a 'glimse' into my future. With the grace of God, this will be my "About Me" page on the blog which has taken me over 1 year to even start. :) MS