When You're Late

Last weekend's Toga Party. Clearly sober.
To provide some background, when I left my job at the Farm Service Agency over two months ago, I also left behind my insurance coverage until my new employer’s coverage kicked in. This meant Chuck and I were uninsured for about the entire month of November. This also meant that my $90 birth control prescription was no longer covered. Chuck and I were…careful in this regard.

But then I was late. And not just like a day or two late, but like, going on a week late. And the truth was, Chuck and I started to get excited. For someone who feels so woefully unprepared for motherhood, I started to think maybe I was. Or maybe, rather, I was as ready as I’ll ever be. We have a timeline in our heads of when we’d like to start “trying.” We have a bucket list of things to accomplish before that time comes. In every regard, we have a plan. But the thing about plans is, sometimes they don’t work out. And sometimes for a very good reason.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with all of this. Except that when our time comes, we’re going to be terrified, ill-prepared, but very, very excited J


  1. Wait, wait, what are you saying?! lol

    1. Haha! I guess I should've been more clear about that. There's no bun in this oven! ;)