That Time I Played Cards Against Humanity with my Parents...or Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving weekend was filled with family bonding time, a long-lost lunch with my high school best friend, Whitney and my first ever Black Friday shopping experience. (My deduction? Totally not worth it.)

Oh yeah, and did I mention my sister and I introduced my Mom and step-dad to Cards Against Humanity? Suffice it to say that we're a very candid family so we honestly didn't think twice about laughing alongside our parentals at the cards that read "two midgets shitting in a bucket" and "my vagina." 

My mom was legitimately crying from laughter.

On Thursday I sat at home all day with my Mom watching home movies from when I was a wee one and it was the first year watching them, that I didn't get warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Rather, I started seeing all the minute details I hadn't noticed before. Mainly the fact, that my Mom and Dad never really seemed all that happy together. Which obviously, at 25 years old, I know now. But it's sad that my Mom was miserable for so long just for the sake of keeping our family together.

Me at two years old- cutest kid ever?

I've also realized just how different my sister and I are. Growing up, she was always my mini-me and there still remain aspects of our personalities that are eerily similar, but we've forged new lives for ourselves since moving out of our parents' home and it's changed us both in different ways. It's not sad really, just different and requires some getting used to on my part.

It made me think once again about the inevitable baby question. Things have grown so...adult in our family and I think we could all use a little childlike joy in our lives. 

So to sum up- Thanksgiving 2013 was wonderful and much-needed since I rarely have the opportunity to navigate the two-state distance between us. But it also made me reflect a lot on how much we've all grown up. And how stinking weird it feels to actually be a grown up. Anyone else feel that way??


  1. Yes - I want to be EXCITED and not think, "Oh yea - I've done this same thing for YEARS." I feel WAY too grown up. I want to laugh my ass off - until I'm crying like your Mom!! Do I need to buy one of the four Cards Against Humanity for 12/25 @ 187???

  2. I can definitely relate. Especially as our parents age adulthood can seem really apparent. We just have to actively engage in a childlike behavior and freedom!