Time Flies

This morning as I sit, dazed and confused, staring into the brightly lit abyss that is my work computer, I can’t help but think about how quickly time flies.

In fact, it was nearly two weeks ago that I submitted my resignation letter to my supervisor.

It was over one year ago that the day I’d been planning for what seemed like an eternity, came to pass. I went from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

It was over four years ago that I began my senior year of college, riding high on my semester abroad.

It was over seven years ago, that I was a brand new high school graduate. A child, with nothing to guide me but a dream, a few student loans and a desire to be like Him.

It just seems so impossible that so much time has elapsed. In so many ways, I still feel so childlike, wandering doe-eyed through life. And yet, every morning, I wake up next to my husband. My husband. How is it, that the hopelessly self-conscious and awkward girl of my youth managed to find her soul counterpart and begin living her happily ever after?

I don’t really know that this post has a direction, or a point to be made. Just some times the fact that life can be so fleeting really strikes me.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Life is short and beautiful. Live accordingly J


  1. I know what you mean, life just flies by!

  2. Happy Friday! And yes time just seems to keep speeding up more as the years go on. Enjoy every second of it ;-)

  3. What a wonderful reminder!!! Happy weekend!

  4. "Life is short and beautiful. Live accordingly" -- I love that!