You may remember that a couple weeks ago, Chuck and I were bogged down by a case of the homesick blues. Living in a new city, working all the time and having zero social life has a tendency to get us down every once in a while. So we resolved to make fun! Every weekend, we have to force ourselves to do one fun thing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t even need to be something new and different. The only real requirement is that it is fun.

Weekend #1

We met our goal the first weekend by hitting up the local high school track. We did some walking, a little jogging, a little Frisbee and some push-ups and sit-ups together. And you know what? It was actually really fun! I crave time with my husband, so combined with some exercise-induced endorphins, I was on Cloud 9!

Weekend #2

I had Friday off from work and after my morning dentist appointment, I met up with a friend for coffee (or in my case an Iced Chai Tea Latte…drool…). We spent two hours just catching up on life and took a walk down Nostalgia Lane talking about all our favorite Christian bands. Does anyone remember Superchick?! I miss them! Afterward, I did some bargain shopping at Plato’s Closet and Ross for hubby and myself. I picked out 4 new work dresses for me and a pair of dress pants, a pair of jersey shorts and 3 dress shirts for Chuck. All in all, I only spent about $80. Woohoo!

On Saturday night, we made dinner together and enjoyed the evening on our back porch stuffing our faces with Eggplant & Zucchini Parmesan and just chatting about life. It was a fantastic weekend.

What are your favorite fun things to do with your significant other?

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  1. Glad project fun has been a success!! You guys work SO SO hard which is necessary right now but play time is important too.