Dear Hubby, You're Pretty Damn Incredible

The box spring beneath our already decrepit-looking mattress has slowly been developing into a black hole. The past few weeks, the bottomless pit that is our bed has been wreaking havoc on our backs, shoulders and various other body parts. Because Monday night is trash night in our neighborhood we made the decision to finally toss that mess of wood and springs to the curb and just keep our mattress on the floor until we have the means to buy a nice bed set. (If anyone asks, it’s not because we’re poor but because we’re well-cultured, minimalists).

Around 9:30 PM, I decided to get off my butt, bite the bullet and haul that thing out to the sidewalk. A lot of “oof,” “urgh” and “wahhhh”’s commenced and when I finally made it down the steps and to the sidewalk I nearly toppled over a middle-aged couple on their evening stroll. The amiable woman informed me, “You need a fella to help you with that!” To which I jokingly exclaimed, “My fella’s working!”

But the reality is- it was 9:30 PM and my husband was still working. Because my husband leaves for work at 6:30 AM and returns between 10:30-11:00 PM every night. Not because he’s a workaholic. Not because he’s a masochist. But because he’s working to repay my student loans. I don’t brag about my husband nearly enough. So here it goes: my husband is pretty damn incredible.

When I tried my hand at a second job a for a few months starting in November, it wasn’t long before our lives became complete chaos. Our house was always a mess, I was working too much and commuting too far. I was cranky, tired, and missed more than I should have at my primary job. We decided that because of my commute and because Chuck plain and simple, is less of a baby than I am, he would work the second job. With those three incomes, we have enough to skate by each month, praise be to God. But it is only because my husband works tirelessly and without complaint to make it happen.

Just because this picture is so dang flattering :)

So, hubby, this is to you: 

Not a day goes by when the guilt of what you sacrifice for me threatens to weigh my heart down to my knees. Not a day goes by when I’m not eternally grateful for how hard you work because of my choice to attend a private university. Not a day goes by when your inability to finish your Bachelor’s doesn't drive me mad. I know it won’t be forever. But until this season of our life passes, I owe you a million and a half “thank you’s”. 

I love you baby, thanks for being so damn incredible.


  1. that's sweet. Some dont appreciate their man enough and heck some men dont appreciate their woman enough.

    I am single now b/c of how I wasnt appreciated. makes me sick.

    Hope you're doing well


    Come check me out sometime

  2. That's so sweet. The true meaning of being a team when you are married. That is a loooong day. I'd crawl up into a fetal position and cry before I have the strength to do it. You are both very hard workers.

  3. that is very sweet, clearly you guys are a great team. you appreciate what he does and he is happy to do it for you :) student loans don't last forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise!


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  4. Awww! This post gives me so many warm fuzzies! Have a great day!

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