Weddings R Da Bomb

Not really sure about the title. It just seemed appropriate given my current state of brainlessness. 

In case you were wondering where I went gallivanting off to this last week, here is my answer in two parts:

1.  Working my patootie off during our busiest time of the year- crop reporting season! (I know that means absolutely nothing to you).

2. My cousin's wedding!

My cousin Chris, married his beautiful bride Lisa in a country-chic wedding in the mountains of Southeast NY, just minutes North of the New Jersey state line. My hubby, sister, Mama and I had a complete blast...as evidenced by the pictures below.

My handsome cousin Chris and some of his guys,

Lisa's dress was to die for! She made such a lovely bride.

Then came the reception...

Believe it or not, none of us were actually inebriated. This is just us in our natural state.

We epitomize class.

My family ♥

...and the lucky man, himself.

Had to interrupt the groom on the dance floor to get this gangsta-licious picture.

And on the 6.5 hour drive home, we celebrated 9 months together. 

Try as we might, none of us could even manage a good buzz. We were too busy breaking it down on the dance floor and loving life. I need more friends and family members to tie the knot, because seriously, WEDDINGS R DA BOMB!


  1. That's always fun. When you can break it down on the dance floor. Forget the drinking and getting plastered and making a fool of yourself. Heck I can do that without alcohol.

  2. Wedding are always so much fun. Thank you for sharing your story. Lovely pictures.