Breaking the 'Blessings' Rules

Typically, I reserve "blessings talk" for Sundays. But my absence for the last few weeks practically demands that I highlight my recent silver linings.

honoring a hero

President Obama, himself, recognized my Frankie G during his Memorial Day speech in Arlington National Cemetery where my friend had been laid to rest just days before.
(Skip to about 7:30 if you're impatient)

baby time

I won't even pretend like I wasn't freaking out when I was holding my 6-week old nephew for the first time. I'm so awkward and un-maternal, it's embarrassing. But it was such a blessing just soaking up his sweet baby goodness.

...and speaking of family

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in Ohio with Chuck's family. And let me say, I seriously lucked out in the in-law pool. (And no, I'm not just saying that because my Mama-in-Law is possibly my blog's biggest fan). I love each one of his siblings, love having conversations with my sister-in-law over beer and a roaring fire, and love that the Stuckert family = fun!

Taken in the midst of moving an 800+ lb piano into the house. Mama and Stuckert mens :)


Who doesn't love a summer wedding?! I'm so excited to be New Jersey-bound with my Hubby for my cousin's wedding this weekend!

This was cousin Chris and I the night before my wedding. Clearly loving life.

I feel so fortunate to have such amazing people in my life when I know not everyone else does. My family (both married and genetic) is a constant source of support, joy and quite simply, unconditional love. Of all of the grace-filled wonders in my life, my husband, family and friends are the greatest of all ♥


  1. being scared around a newborn is natural. and sadly they can sense it.

  2. I will never stop being jealous of the drunk Chris/Kaity fun.