Weekend in DC: The Less Serious Stuff

So I told you yesterday about the reason for my recent trip to our nation's capital. But I saved the more light-hearted stuff for today!

Along with lots and lots o' prayer, there was also lots and lots o' time spent reuniting with my friends. Bekah, Laura and I were all roommates at one point or another during college. 

Freshman year: Laura and Bekah. 
Sophomore year: Kaity and Laura.
Junior year: Laura and Bekah.
Senior year: Kaity and Bekah, then Kaity and Laura.

Phew! Lots of living arrangements, lots of laughs and lots of love :)

Anyway, we met up for the conference, did a little shopping, a little eating out and a lot of reveling in the splendor of our hotel accommodations.

View of the National Harbor from the 14th floor!

View of the Gaylord National Harbor atrium from the elevator

Bekah and I found a Peeps Mobile!

And a whole Peeps store!

Bekah and I after dinner the first night

And two of my gorgeous bridesmaids :)

My first experience at Pinkberry! It was so YUM!

Bekah and I in between sessions at the Global Prayer Gathering!

It's such a wonderful feeling to know as you get older that you have friends who will always be there. Months go by, relationships come and go- but (as corny and cliche as it sounds)- these girls are for life.


  1. craziness! you were literally less than 30 minutes from my house! isn't the peeps store the coolest!?

  2. That is so cute! The peeps store! I didn't even know they had one of those! (Side note: I don't like peeps. Eating them. I do think they're cute though!)

    How crazy you three switched roomies with each other all through college! Haha! :)

  3. They have a full Peeps store? That's pure awesomeness right there!!

  4. A Peeps store? And a Peeps mobile? That's kind of awesome.