Quarter Life Check-In (& Giveaway Winner!)

Last month I warned you all of my impending quarter life crisis and my plan to keep it at bay. Six-ish weeks later, here's my status report:

1. Pay off a portion of our debt

You may remember this little image if you follow me on Instagram...

Not only did we pay my Mom off completely for the money she lent us for our honeymoon, but we've payed off a huge chunk of one of our student loans!

2. Return to yoga

I did start going to yoga classes at the local studio with a new friend from Church, but money being as tight as it is, this one didn't happen as frequently as I would have liked.

3. Devote more time to my blog

Yes, and no. I had periods where I scheduled posts, returned e-mails and updated my pages. But consistency is not my friend and I would definitely like to get better about scheduling my posts ahead of time so when I have those days of writer's block, my blog followers will never know! Muhaha!

4. Plant some seeds

This one is a straight up fail. I haven't decided if/where I'll be gardening this season because the next few months are a little uncertain for us. Shame on me.

5. Eliminate processed junk from our cupboards

This was a pretty decent success! Hubby really wants to invest in a juicer and try a juice fast when our budget allows. But for the time being we've been munching on carrot sticks, bananas and apples and making smoothies like it's our job!

A scene from my hubby's birthday dinner: I think we can make an exception for birthday cake!

6. Go for a run/hike

We did, we did! I found a nearby park that has some great walking/biking/hiking trails and I'm bound and determined to find more. There is nothing more physically and spiritually refreshing to me than a good hike! :)

7. Pray

I think this one always has room for growth, but I have made more of an effort to thank God for the little things.

All in all, I've gotta say- I'm proud of myself for reaching the goals (however easy they may be) I set for myself. I'm pretty terrible at sticking to resolutions so this was a huge victory for me. 

Twenty-five is looking alright!

* * *

Congratulations to Casey! You won my Quarter Life Giveaway- stay tuned for an e-mail with more deets to come!


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Kaity! It's fun to see you mark off those goals! I love you!

  2. Good job! Way to knock out the list! And hooray for paying off loans! I wish I could pay my house off faster than I am... oh life!

  3. YAY for paying off some debt! That is awesome!! Great job on your eating, too! :)

  4. Yay for paying off debt! I know what that feels like! And yay for my win!!

    Tomatoes grow really well in pots. I would probably buy starts (instead of trying to go from seed) but if you have to move etc, they can go with you!

  5. def look into yoga videos online. with a little searching, you can find quality ones. maybe you can balance a class a week that you pay for with online classes (that way they can correct your poses and postures if need be). or keep an eye out for free community classes, esp with the weather getting warmer people do more free classes outside.