Thanksgiving via Instagram

Would you believe I did not take a single picture over my Thanksgiving weekend? I have zero evidence that I was seated at a table of 30+ friends and family stuffing my face with Turkey Day goodies. So, I thought I'd recap the highlights with the little evidence I do have.

Wednesday evening: Thanksgiving Eve at the General Denver

The hubs and his family played at the annual Thanksgiving Eve event at our favorite Ohio locale (and as you may remember, site to our reception!)

Thanksgiving morning: TURKEY TROT!

I was originally just going to walk the whole thing with my MIL, but around Mile 1 started feeling inspired to jog the rest of the way. I didn't do great, but I didn't do terribly either so I'm counting it as a win.

Thursday evening: Friendsgiving

This was a few hours after stuffing our faces- we spent the night with some adult beverages and an incredibly inappropriate round or two of Cards Against Humanity.

Friday morning: Stuckert Women Donut-Making

My bro-in-law's girlfriend and I were initiated into the Stuckert family with our personalized aprons.

Many homemade donuts were made this day...many were eaten.

I spent Friday evening getting family Christmas pictures taken, eating my weight in turkey salad and watching crazy amounts of Christmas movies.

Saturday morning: Getting a new 'do

I legit chopped off over 11 inches of hair. Woah.

Saturday afternoon was spent at a 1-year old's birthday party. Holy cuteness.

Saturday evening: Holidazzle

Chuck and his brother provided the tunes for our friends' pre-Holidazzle get-together.

Holidazzle is Chuck's hometown's annual Christmas parade. It's basically a string of pick-up trucks draped with Christmas lights, but it's an amazing night filled with music, friends, drinks and fun. The Star Wars characters were my personal favorite.

Sunday afternoon: Going home

After a morning of recovering from the night before, this was my easily my favorite picture from the weekend, taken on our drive back to Pittsburgh :)

Hope everyone's Thanksgivings were as amazing as ours was!


  1. your hair looks sooo good!!! i love it!

  2. Love your hair cut! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Your haircut looks great! And it looks so you had so much fun with so many people!


  4. Looks like a fun-filled weekend! :) I want to go make doughnuts!!!! (those aprons are so lovely)

    And I love the new haircut! Yay!!! Fresh new look is the best.


  5. Loving the hair! I chopped mine last week too! xo C

  6. New reader :)
    the new haircut looks fab on you!
    Looks like a great weekend!