Wedding Recap: Ladies and Gents

I skipped out on a wedding recap on Friday because last week was just plain crazy pants. But I'm back again today with my formal pictures all taken by our terrific, awesome and talented friend, Dani of Byrd Photography.

Kelly, my baby sister and MOH;
Dani, my friend/fellow cheerleader from high school;
Bekah, one of my best friends and former roomies from college;
Laura, my other BFF and roommate at Eastern; 
Whitney, my longest friend from high school and youth group; 
Joni, Chuck's sister and now, mine!

I made sure to ask Dani if I could get a picture with each of my bridemaids. These girls were so fantastic and seriously made my weekend the best it could possibly be. 

Since it was raining off and on all day, my Mom ran out to Wal-Mart the morning of to get us umbrellas. They wound up being an adorable prop for our ingenious photographer to work with!

Dani shot all us ladies first. Then, once Chuck and I had our first look, we did a whole group shot and then it was the boys turn.

Our bridal party! Gotta love the suspender snapping action :)

Lonnie, Chuck's second oldest brother and best man;
Cole, our friend who literally coordinated our entire day- we couldn't thank him enough;
Taylor, the middle Stuckert brother;
Kevin, another of Chuck's friends;
Nic, Chuck's best friend from high school;
Rob, Chuck's oldest brother

Needless to say, Dani has a great time shooting the boys, who are all friends of hers as well. They are the goofiest bunch of guys you've ever met. As if that wasn't obvious...

We couldn't have asked for better friends to stand by us on our big day. And I loved how the dresses and groomsmen attire turned out. The guys outfits were last-minute and I had no idea how it would all come together. But everyone looked wonderful!

Check in on Friday, to see our first look and our couple pictures!


  1. LOVE!

    you are stunning, and so are your photos!!!

    love Katie

  2. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I love your dress and I love the fun pictures!!

  3. XOXO
    All Are Looking great and pics view is awesome.