50 Days and 50 Reasons

Today marks 50 days until I marry the love of my life.

In honor of our impending nuptials, here are my...

50 Reasons Why I Love You

50. You wrote a sign to remind yourself not to put my bras in the dryer.
49. You make me laugh like no one else can.
48. You always open the car door for me.
47. You support me in my career.
46. You respected me enough to wait.
45. You let me take ridiculously cute blackmail pictures of you.
44. You were the first and only boy to make me fall in love.
43. You carry me around like a joey ;)
42. You're so passionate about learning how to play the guitar.
41. You're terrible at surprises.
40. You fell in love with Cape May.
39. You give me a hug the instant we meet up after work.
38. You love music even more than I do!
37. You kiss me and say 'I love you' every morning.
36. You want to travel.
35. You are the corniest person alive.
34. You let me tickle you much longer than I let you.
33. You love being outdoors.
32. You renewed my faith in marriage.
31. You quit smoking.
30. You're a cuddlebug
29. You let me pick your ears.
28. You love food as much as I do.
27. Your family means the world to you.
26. You gave up your job and followed me to Pittsburgh.
25. You went from full-time carnivore, to full-time veg-head.
24. You love watching Christmas movies.
23. You constantly tell me how beautiful I am.
22. You love to learn.
21. You're going to be an amazing father.
20. You read every one of my blog posts.
19. You want my Mom to teach you how to sew.
18. Your smile.
17. You are God's fated choice in my love story.
16. You aspire to live a healthy life.
15. You're lovingly taking on all my debt.
14. You love my Mommy and sister like your own family.
13. You love people.
12. You're much better about keeping up with the laundry than I am.
11. You dance with me in the kitchen.
10. You love Jesus.
9. You text me every day.
8. You're content just to stay in bed and watch Friends with me.
7. You let me bite you.
6. You always help your Mama when she needs you.
5. You're pure of heart.
4. You're selfless.
3. You make road trips 10 times more fun.
2. You're patient with me me when I'm cranky.
1. You're my Mikey and I'm your Gretchen.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list, as the boy in question gives me new reasons to love him every day.

I love you Charles Stuckert.
I hope these next 50 days fly by, because I can't wait to be your wife.