What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have so many things to blog about, but very little time! With one 20-page research paper to finish until my semester is over, it's game time. So, in the spirit of simplicity, I've decided to link-up this week to share...

I'm loving...that school is nearly over! I requested The Hunger Games trilogy from my local library and have no plans but reading those books and soaking up the beautiful spring weather one week from now.

I'm loving...that hubs and I are finally making the trip to Ohio next weekend! I haven't sat in a pub listening to awesome local music with my best friends in entirely too long. I can't wait!

I'm loving...that yesterday when I locked my keys in my car at the gas station a kind, random stranger and a conveniently timed AAA-guy were able to get my car unlocked free of charge. I was on the verge of tears and don't know what I would've done without their help.

I'm loving...that my tomato seeds sprouted overnight! 

I'm loving... the ridiculous emails she sends me. The constant support that she gives me. The financial help that she's given both of us. I love my Mommy!

Thanks to Jamie at This Kind of Love for hosting this weekly link-up. Glad I finally decided to jump on-board!


  1. you will love the hunger games!

  2. You are going to Love HG and will read them so quickly!

  3. I love that you are so full of love! Can't wait to see you!!

  4. As everyone else said, The Hunger Games is AMAZING. I don't know you you could not love them! Second, I really need to learn your veggie growing ways! I want to grow veggies so badly, but we can't dig any holes in the yard or permanently plant anything. Teach me gardening guru!

  5. I hate when you can't get in the car!! so lucky for you to run into those guys!

    have a great Wednesday! (and good luck with your paper!)

  6. That was super nice of them to help you with unlocking your car!! Am excited for you to see the growth of the tomatoes! I really want to plant a garden here at our house. Hoping you have a fantastic Wednesday!!!

  7. looks like you have lots of things to be grateful for :)