Pre-Marital Counsel

Unfortunately, hubby and I were only able to spend a short time in his hometown of Ohio this past weekend, but we managed to fit a lot in for just a couple days! I was able to enjoy lunch/dinner dates with two of my best Ohio friends and a fun-filled night spent in Chuck's parents' "Mancave" that lent itself to a pretty unpleasant hangover in the morning.

A night spent with friends and family in the notorious, ManCave.

By far, the best moment of our trip was meeting with our Pastor, Noah on Sunday afternoon. Before we departed to return to PA, we were able to obtain a little pre-marital counsel and discuss our upcoming nuptials. Before we got engaged, I knew nothing about what I wanted for our wedding with the exception of one thing: Reverend Noah. 

Our Pastor is one of the most humble, Godly and intelligent men I've ever known and we are so blessed by his presence in our lives. While I won't delve into the nitty-gritty details of what was discussed (as they're mostly things I'd like to keep between the three of us) I will say that our conversation left me utterly blessed and enlightened. It's been so easy to become swept into the insignificant and superficial details of planning a wedding that both Chuck and I admitted we'd kind of lost sight of why this day was happening in the first place.

We arrived home safely Sunday night still mulling over our meeting with Noah and admitted that the sincerity of the commitment we're making has only made us fall more in love. I think the reality that these vows are for life is beginning to sink in for both of us. Who knew when we met on that December evening over a year ago that it would be the last time in both our lives that would be spent exclusive of each other? I'd be lying if I said forever doesn't make me nervous sometimes, but truth be told, there is no one I'd feel more confident embarking upon it with than the man I'm engaged to.


  1. i love being engaged! you will find more challenges than ever being married, but you also will never experience the crazy amount of joy that comes with it. good luck!

  2. Hi sweet lady! Yes I AM from Pitt! How crazy! How are you liking the great city? I miss it. xoxo