Sunday Blessings IX {Link-Up}

I'm not exactly sure why, laziness most likely, but it seems I've gotten out of the habit of counting my blessings. The way I see it, a blog transformation is the perfect excuse to devote my Sunday morning to acknowledging the amazing grace in my life.

Praise be to God, we're not sick of each other yet! When Chuck officially moved in two months ago I was certain that we'd have a lot of laughs, a lot of cuddles but at some point we were probably going to want to strangle each other. So far we've maxed out our laugh-and-cuddle quota but haven't yet gotten under each other's skin. He's such an easy person to live with and I look forward to seeing his face every morning. (Insert *awww* here.)

My Mom and my sister are my best friends. Being able to go home for a few days and spend some one-on-one time with them was just what the doctor ordered. They have the ability to instantly put my soul at ease and have been so supportive of my love and my life.

Procrastinate and whine as I may, the truth is, my grad program is pretty awesome. All my classmates are some of the most passionate and kind people I've ever met and my teachers are so supportive and genuine in their desire to see each of us succeed. I only hope I can maintain this mindset as my semester becomes increasingly hectic!

I realize how silly it sounds, but this blog has become my life. Writing is my passion, my talent, my lifeforce. The further I get sucked into Blogger Land the more grateful for how my writing has taken shape and the friends I've made through the process. I'm just so stinkin' happy!

What blessings are at work in your life? Grab a button and link up!

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  1. If I could figure it out, I would definitely start writing on the one you set up for me.

    Maybe after I get through Flexible Spending Account Hell I can devote some time to it!

    I sure love reading your's though!! And you do cause me to stop and count my blessings! Another reason I love you so much!