Bridesmaid Love

It occurred to me while stalking some fellow bridal bloggers that I have yet to even mention my bridesmaids on my blog. You'd think that with all the wedding talk I do, surely they would have come up by now! So here is my attempt to make up for lost time and introduce six of the most fabulous friends a girl could ask for...


Joni is Chuck's closest sibling in age. She is one of the toughest girls around after surviving a household with four brothers. She's a nature-lover and a hard-worker. I'm going to be so blessed to soon call her my sister-in-law.


Whitney is probably my oldest friend. While we've known each other since sixth grade we became inseparable in tenth grade when I started attending Youth Group where Whitney's dad was the Pastor. She's always been someone I look to for spiritual support and is one of those people that I could never manage to shake despite our ups and downs.She is an incredibly Godly woman and a wonderful wife. 


Laura probably knows my heart better than anyone. We met through her roommate whom I cheered with freshman year of college and initially couldn't stand each other. After I invited her to see Panic! at the Disco with me, we became fast friends. She is the absolute perfect person to go to when I need a vent session and has the ability to make you feel like you're the most important person in the world.


Bekah is one of those people who is loyal to a fault. She was Laura's third roommate freshman year and after hanging around each other long enough we decided we should probably be friends. Bekah is incredibly smart, ambitious and has the ability to turn any day into the most fun day ever! She is the easiest person to live with and has been my partner-in-crime through many of my random adventures.


Dani and I met through cheerleading my junior year of high school. I spent nearly the entirety of my senior year with her and was quickly adopted into her family. She is one of the most crazy, fun people you'll ever meet and is one of those girls your parents worry is a "bad influence." She may have gotten me to come out of my shell, but it was her loyalty and good heart that won me over.


I've saved the Best for last. No, really, her last name is Best. My sister, my twinsie and my best friend for the last 20 years of my life. There's no way to adequately describe what this girl means to me. Everyone who comes into contact with the both of us swears that we're exactly the same person and they might be right. She's my slightly funnier, slightly chestier and slightly cooler other half and coincidentally, my Maid of Honor.

I'm so blessed to have these ladies standing beside me to say my vows and can't wait to see how hot they look in their bridesmaid attire!


  1. first time at your blog and i think it is adorable!
    loved reading about your bridesmaids. it made me think of what i would say about mine one day :)

    xx jes, your newest follower

  2. You are adorable, such a cute friend to do this post.

  3. Aww!! I love it!! And I love you!! You enjoy my corny sense of humor and participate in my bazaar activities I come up with for entertainment. lol!!