When I Think of Fall...

It was bound to happen eventually. I was one week strong, blogging every day about the incredible going-on's, ponderings and ramblings in my life...when this morning, it hit me: I have nothing to write about. I knew it would inevitably happen, but I hadn't yet decided what my counter-defense would be. Do I write something fluffy, insignificant and superficial for the sake of keeping my streak going? Or do I limit myself to things I deem to be of importance and allow myself to succumb to writer's block? I've witnessed other bloggers going in both directions and haven't yet decided which group I will fall into, but until I do...

Here's my response to FTLOB's prompt, "When I think of Fall, I think of..."

Fall at Eastern
...Apple Picking at Linvilla Orchards
Bekah and I getting our apple-pickin' on!

...College Day on the Parkway

Love Park in Philly


The Impending Holidays

Don't get me wrong I love all things fall: pumpkin-picking, Halloween, playing in the leaves. But for me Fall is that time of year when I can feel that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. And with so much to love about the holidays: friends. food and family...that's my favorite thing about Fall.

...Home for the Holidays

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