Christ in All Things

Considering how much I love blogging, I really don't do it nearly enough. Perhaps upon the start of the next chapter in my life in Ohio, I'll be a bit more attentive. It's odd- while I'm currently caught up in a whirlwind of life-changing decisions, I'm simultaneouly bored silly. For the last couple weeks following Graduation I've returned home awaiting the day I can depart for Wilmington, OH to live for the next years as an AmeriCorps VISTA working with the Grow Food Grow Hope Garden Initiative at Wilmington College. It's a great program, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to join the existing team, but the transition has not exactly been stress-free. I've been rather pre-occupied trying to seek out affordable housing, FINALLY get my license to make the drive out there and purchase my first vehicle. All of this on top of the fact that I don't nearly as much money saved up as I should and my only source of income as a VISTA will be a $500 monthly stipend that will be used for housing, gas, car insurance and student loans. It's a little stress-inducing.

Luckily, I did check off one item in my list as of yesterday. Introducing, for the first time- MISS CHANANDLER BONG- a 1999 purple Dodge Caravan. Probably would not have been my first choice, but I am so fortunate to have a step-dad who found it for me, and a mom who's willing to help me pay for it. My mom has been so amazing throughout this transition, and I know I've added so much additional stress to her already crazy life (the woman works 65+ hours a week!). I am so freaking blessed, it's unbelievable.

So in the midst of all this anxiety, I have as I mentioned, been struggling to occupy myself during the day-to-day. Such attempts have included: watching the entire Friends series, putting together a yard sale for this weekend and my new pride and joy- "The Good Book(s)". Now what exactly is the latter? I am please to announce that I have given myself a little project for the summer (or perhaps longer). My Grandma Ball would be proud. Since Uganda, I've become even more aware of the presence of Jesus in well, everything. Since I now have so much time on my hands, I'm able to leisurely read for the first time since I entered college! Those two factors got my wheels turning and I began to look for Christ in all the books I'm reading. It hasn't been particularly hard, but it's been so rewarding and today I made the decision to share my findings with the cyber world. So yes, maybe this is a little self-promotion, but I've love for you all to see how I've been spending my time, but more importantly, how God has been revealing Himself to me. So check it out- http://www.Christinallbooks.blogspot.com. And if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it!

Peace and love,

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