She's Baack!

I have no idea if anyone still reads this thing, but I continue to rediscover my love for writing (even if it does happen to be in the embarrassing form of blogging), so I'm going to try and keep it going the very best I can.

I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed in how I left my last blog post kind of hanging there. My last two weeks in Uganda and Rwanda left me a bit frazzled, and then there was the whole readjusting to life in America. So by the time I got myself together, I kind of felt like it was too late to re-cap that lost time. Which is disappointing because honestly, out of my whole four months there, our one-week stay in Rwanda was not only the most memorable part of the trip, but the most life-changing as well. I apologize for the tease, because I feel as though too much time has elapsed to do my stories any justice. But for anyone who's curious, I'd LOVE to talk about my time there because, like I said, it changed my life!

Anyhow, fast forward to present day: Here I am, sitting in my lovely room in my Chinatown apartment, seriously procrastinating writing a bogus paper for my required class through my internship program. That being said, I do love city living. Philadelphia is spectacular. I can most definitely see myself living here post-graduation. Although it rains a bit too much for my liking, I love every aspect of it. The funny thing is, I was totally expecting a bunch of city snobs to greet me when I moved here for the summer, but in reality, I was greeted by an almost small-town vibe displaced in the birthplace of the United States.

My internship is at Philadelphia FIGHT, a local HIV/AIDS organization. My job is working in the public AIDS Library where I spend some time working the front desk which mostly entails getting people signed onto our computers for 30-minute slots of free internet access. Mostly though, I spend a lot of time in the back conference room "collating," which seems to me, a much fancier word than the actual task at hand. Since June is AIDS Education Month, there are all kinds of community events and presentations being hosted by FIGHT, and I'm doing the grunt work to make these events happen. Babysitting the copiers as they produce mass quantities of event programs, making copies of information pamphlets and other resources, and mostly, stuffing lots of papers into folders that more than likely, people won't give a second glance.

My time there has definitely been a learning experience. I love the people I work with, but it's definitely made me aware that the field of HIV/AIDS is not something I'll be actively pursuing in the future. It's an important fight, it's just not mine.

Love and such,

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