UGANDA | On religious epiphanies, IJM and really good potato salad

I had no idea that anyone was actually still reading this until today, which gave me a little motivation to try and keep at it. After all, only 3 weeks til I'm home!

Last week was my final week of classes. Thursday, I had my last class in African Traditional Religions and we discussed religious pluralism. That class has been the biggest joke all semester, and I'm taking it Pass/Fail so I've basically had no motivation to put forth any effort, but our last class was amazing. We talked about different arguments surrounding religious plurality and it was basically an answered prayer. I've been struggling a lot with the idea that if my God is truly a loving and just God, why would he choose me to be born in to the wealthiest nation in the world while so many are suffering? More than that, why would he give me the opportunity to be saved and continue my Christian walk never having to worry about persecution while others don't have those luxuries? And would I still be a Christian had I been born into Hindu India or Buddhist China?

Anyway, one of the arguments was called the "inclusivist argument" which basically says that God, revealed through Christ, is universally accessible in all religions. Basically, salvation through Christ can be found in all religions, even if believers don't recognize Him as the driving force. I ADORE this theory. Not only does it give credibility to all religions (because who am I to say that my religion is the "right" religion?) but it allows all of God's children to have the opportunity to find salvation through Jesus Christ. I know a lot of Christians may have a problem with this idea, but it's something I've believed for a very long time and it was amazing to finally find out that not only do other people believe it as well, but there's an actual term for it!

Saturday, Katy S, Bea and I went into Kampala hoping to find some market that everyone had been talking about. We never ended up finding it, but we did have the most PHENOMENAL lunch at Cafe Pap. It was totally an American meal (as opposed to a Ugandan take on an American meal which we've grown much too accustomed to when attempting to eat out). I had a veggie sandwich, potato salad and ganache for dessert. My mouth is watering just remembering it!

Decades-themed Goodbye Party with the Honors College before we depart for Rwanda

Easter Sunday was incredibly uneventful. I didn't even make it to Church because I've had a cold since Saturday and felt like death. Yep, I'm sick again. Story of my life here. The highlight of my day was finishing my religion paper that was due Monday. I've really been struggling trying not to buy food with my limited budget these last few weeks, because I'm about to scream if I have to eat rice and beans for one more meal. I digress.

Monday night, I had dinner with Walter, a Ugandan acquaintance. We haven't really talked that much the entire semester, but we met when I found out he was the founder and President of UCU's campus chapter of IJM. I can't even put into words how amazing and inspiring our conversation was. I've been getting really pessimistic and negative being here, just because I've realized how helpless I am, and how close to hopeless the situation in Uganda is. But talking to him was just a reminder of why I came in the first place. He's a law student trying to get into corporate law, but his main passion is justice for his people (his words). He's founded his IJM campus chapter, recruited about 400 students to join (as opposed to Eastern's 20) and trained 32 in the field. He's also worked in Eastern Uganda campaigning for sexual purity and has reached about 1000 kids promoting his message. Oh, but it gets better. He's the oldest in his family, and is able to attend UCU through a Compassion sponsorship, so he knows all too well about what it means to go hungry and is one of the most Godly people I've ever met. I can't say enough about him. He's also written a book, and is hoping to have it published in the next year or two, God willing.

I'm pretty sure he's my new role model. I think I've boasted long enough about him and this is getting pretty lengthy. Anyway, pray for my final exam tomorrow and for the rest of the papers I have to write. Everything is due by the 22nd. Then 5:00 am on the 23rd we're shipping out to Rwanda!

Thanks guys, for giving me so much love and support and for continuing to read my word vomit. Love you lots!

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  1. I love reading ur "word vomit" because I can almost hear you saying the things you write and that makes my heart happy!!! :) That Walter guy sounds awesome and if you help lead IJM here with Laura next year it would be really cool to maybe have some kind of partnership with the campus chapter of IJM over there!!! And only a few more weeks of eating beans and rice and then you get to eat actual yummy food again!!! yay!!! And hopefully I will get to see you sometime before next semester cuz I dont think I can last much longer without actually being in ur presence!!!! <3