Even Ugandans think I look like Hilary Duff

I wanted to highlight a couple of recent events that I missed yesterday, so here goes:

So I briefly mentioned the crazy roads and such that took me to the doctor's yesterday. But I just had to share because every time we drive in to Kampala, it's like another world. First of all, Annie (the intern) hired a private driver to take us to the doctor's. The main route was stopped up because there was a bad matatu accident. He decided to take the back way which was of course- dirt roads, filled with potholes and would barely suffice as a driveway in the States. Vehicles pass each other with about an inch of clearance (if that) between their side mirrors. It's quite scary! At one point, we had to pull off to the side of the road for 15 minutes or so while a man with a long, pointed stick (the size of a 2x4) held up the overhead power lines for a line of tractor trailers to pass under. I couldn't help but think I would love for Kenny to have seen that!

On the way back, we were in rush hour traffic which is always amusing because people walk down the lines of cars selling bags of cut up sugar cane, steering wheel covers, airtime for mobile phones, and even hand towels!

Red dirt-stained feet and infected mosquito bites. Or as I like to call it, life in Uganda.

Tomorrow are Student Guild (a.k.a Student Government) elections. You would NOT believe what a big deal they are here. Students get so into it. There are huge, super official campaign posters all over campus. The supporters of the candidates volunteer in the dining hall to serve food and spread the word. During meals, they turn the lights off to show a PowerPoint presentation on the background, campaign goals, etc of the candidates and parade through the place making all kinds of noise- whistling, blow horns, screaming- you name it.

People here are riled up about politics in general. Uganda's Presidential elections are in 2011 and people are acting like they're tomorrow. It's really got me thinking, because most people in the U.S. are so apathetic regarding the politics of our nation. It dawned on me that we don't need to care about politics, because no matter who's elected we know we'll remain in our boring, secure, comfortable lives. Here- who gets elected determines whether your family will have food to put on the table. So of course people are passionate!

Thirdly, I was sitting in worship today when I happened to glance down at the notebook of the girl sitting next to me. She had written a note to her friend on her other side that said, "Do you see my neighbor? She looks like HILARY DUFF!" I get it in Uganda too! Needless to say, it made my day. To top off a pretty spectacular day- my throat is 100% better and after being sick, and not running for an entire week- I ran 4 miles today! Yay!!! I could've kept running too, but it was dark and I was on the track by myself which made me nervous. So yeah, good day.

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did :)

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