Post-Valentine's Day Update

I feel like I really don't have much more to report, but I'll write a little update so I don't start slacking on this blog business!

For starters, I've been wanting to run the past couple days, but haven't because I've been cooped up inside trying to escape from the heat! The rainy season started a few weeks ago (early), but these last few days have been insane. I'm constantly sweating up a storm.

Friday night we had a movie on the lawn in front of my dorm. Katy and Bea went into Mukono to rent a few movies and then we set up a projector and chairs on the grass and watched Kung Fu Panda. I actually ended up leaving about halfway through because my allergies have been bothering me, and I was pretty tired. One of the IMME (Mission Emphasis people that don't live on campus, but stay with host families the whole semester) girls, Kaia, spent the night in Katie's and my room. We have an extra bed, so we cleared it off for her and had like a little slumber party. It was nice to have a visitor!

Saturday I really didn't do much of anything. After lunch, Katy, Katie and Bea decided to go into Kampala just to get some American food, but I stayed behind because I knew I'd end up spending money that I shouldn't. So I wasted my life away on the internet for a little while, got some homework done, got a candy bar from the guild canteen (so I could say I had some Valentine's Day chocolate) and took a nap.

When they got back, we decided to watch a movie in the common room of our dorm. Bea had bought 'Slumdog Millionaire' a couple days before at the video store in Mukono. I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it's been nominated for a bunch of Oscar's so we decided to check it out. The decision- two huge thumbs up! I would highly recommend it, if it's even out in the U.S. We had a pirated copy, so I don't even know if it's out on video yet. We snacked on popcorn and g nuts (ground nuts, which are just like peanuts). I headed to bed shortly after.


Aside from my fairly lame weekend activities, I've spent a lot of time the past couple days researching grad schools. A LOT of time. I've narrowed my search down to three: Notre Dame in Indiana, American University in DC, and University of Glascow in Scotland. So I guess we'll see what the future has in store for me!

It's pretty crazy- this Friday I have a mid-term in my Faith & Action class, and immediately after we're boarding a bus to go up to Soroti (in Eastern Uganda) for our week-long rural homestays over Spring Break. We'll be dropped off at our homes Saturday morning, then picked up the following Friday. That weekend we'll all gather back together to spend the weekend at Sipi Falls. I'm so excited about that, because it looks absolutely gorgeous!! The only problem is, in order to go on the day-long hike you have to have raingear (which I don't) so I'm hoping to find at least a poncho or something in Mukono sometime this week. Maybe even today, because I need some serious snack food too!

Anyway, come Friday, I won't be able to contact anyone until I get back to campus the Sunday evening after Sipi. A little over a week with no communication? Aah!

That's really all that's currently going on over here. I hope to have a lot more exciting stories after rural homestays!! Nkwagala!


  1. So when we went on our film studies field trip I went to see Slumdog Millionaire and I agree it was awesome...except at the end when they all start dancing...that was completely out of place...lol...but definitely an awesome movie!

  2. Ummmmmm Bekah and I vote grad school in DC :) Although visit to meet Scottish boys could be fun :D