So...I'm in Africa

Woo! I made it! We arrived in Entebbe at about 9:30 last night and after a two-ish hour bus ride to campus, finally got in around 12:00. It's pretty much been a whirlwind since. You wouldn't believe how beautiful it is. There's no way I can describe it that doesn't sound entirely cliche...I almost don't even want to take pictures because I know there's no way I can capture the beauty of it all.

There are 6 girls in the USP program on my hall and 3 of us are Katie's. One actually goes to Eastern and I knew her before hand, and the other is my roommate who's from North Carolina.

We ended up going to sleep around 2:00 AM, after a very cold shower (they will definitely take some getting used to) and were woken up very early this morning. My roommate got up at 6:30 AM to find a chicken had gotten into our dorm and was standing outside our door. Turns out, Ugandans are up veryyyy early. We started orientation at 9 am this morning, and went on a campus tour at noon. I registered for classes and will hopefully be taking Intro to East African Politics, Africa Religions, a required class called Faith & Action, Health & Wholeness, and what I think will be my favorite- Democracy and Human Rights.

Lunch was at 1:00 PM and it consisted of rice, beans and this white stuff that I forgot the name of. It kind of looks like mashed potatoes, but is made of maize and is a a thick, pasty consistency. We went on a small hike around 4:00 PM and saw a bunch of monkeys. It was an amazing view of the town, Mukono on one side and a spectacular view of Lake Victoria on the other. There's not too much planned for the rest of the day except dinner at 7:00 PM then worship at 8:00 PM, I believe. Tomorrow, our whole day is free with the exception of church in the morning. I guess that's all for now, I'm letting Katy (from Eastern) borrow my laptop so she can use the internet. Hope to update everyone again soon!


  1. Can you bring a monkey back with you? we can keep it! and it will be friends with tippi and cupcake... and we so should name one of our dogs Tippi!!! idk why we didnt think of that earlier!

    Miss ya lots!!! and love you even more!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad everything is going good! Don't forget about my baby elephant!!!
    Love you!!!

  3. oHHHH please take pictures for the rest of us, please!!!!

  4. Do those really tiny monkeys live in africa too?? I think they are called tamarin monkeys. I want one of those!! lol!! I miss u and love u!!

  5. Thank you Jesus for your safe trip. Asking Him for protection and wisdom during your stay and return :)


    (p.s. August has some PA stuff on the schedule)