I've Been in Africa for 2 Weeks!

My big plans for this weekend include introducing my family to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Candyland! Woop woop! Oh, and I'll be gracious and include some pictures for my Mommy to see, since she's been bugging me. Although, I have yet to take any of my host family. So here's the first:

This is the view from my bedroom, and that beautiful little African child is Isaac, my nephew about to take his bath.

The past two days I've taken part in some very stimulating conversations with some of the African Honors College kids here, and us USPers. Yesterday, we discussed the death penalty and today we discussed homosexuality. It's amazing to see just how much culture plays a role in our stances on these controversial issues. The Americans were much more liberal in their thinking about homosexuality, while completely against the death penalty, while Africans were exactly the opposite.

Yesterday, Resti, my sister who's been sick for the past 3 or 4 days came and talked to me. She'd been hiding out in her room, because she didn't want to worry me, but she had malaria! She walked me to school part of the way on Monday and she said by the time she got back to the house her joints hurt so badly that she couldn't move. She said she hurt so badly that she honestly thought she was going to die. That's not exaggerating. That's malaria. I really hope I don't get it, it does NOT sound fun!

This is my bathroom. AKA: where I splash water on myself out of a basin:

My last bit of news is that my father and I had an actual conversation last night. Here's some of what I learned:

  1. He's been married 31 years
  2. He used to play soccer
  3. He works in a store on campus

I guess that catches everyone up. I won't be online again until Monday. So I hope every has a fantastic weekend. Love and such!


  1. That is awesome!! especially the soccer part!! Love ya!

  2. It's sad that malaria is so common. :(

    P.s. I'm gonna be sending you a letter to see if you can get mail down there :) So keep your eyes open in the next few weeks.

  3. Loved the pictures, thank you!
    Remember to take your Malaria medicine faithfully...love you, stay safe.

  4. Dear Kaity,
    Please do not get Malaria!!!!! I love u and hope u have an amazing weekend!!!!