I Can't Believe My Homestay is Over

I'm not feeling very inspired to write today, but I figured I'd leave my loyal followers with something before I take off for the weekend :)

This morning I left my host family. My Mama, one of the helper girls (I feel awful I never learned her name!) and Isaac walked me to school and it pretty much broke my heart when I had to say good-bye to Isaac with his big puppy dog eyes. Last night was so much fun, and I got to take pictures of everyone (except Resti unfortunately, because she's always at work). Mildred and Andrew took off with my camera for awhile, so most of the pictures were pictures they took of absolutely nothing...or everyone's head was cut off, so I ended up deleting the majority of them, but I still uploaded a bunch on my Facebook. If you have access to it, you should definitely go to my page to see them, because it's a royal pain to put pictures on my blog, and when I do, I only do 2 or 3.

I wanted to update everyone on some of the minor things that have happened in the last few days though. I guess I'll start with last night and work backwards. After dinner and before we all went to bed, I got the opportunity to pray with my Mother and Father last night. They love to worship in song, and Isaac was also there and was dancing around like crazy, it was one of my favorite parts of my stay there. Then, since all the prayers and worshiping were in Luganda, my Mama tried to say the Lord's Prayer in English for me. It was so funny because she must've tried it 3 different times, and each time she'd forget the words and try and start over, and each time she busted out laughing, which of course, made me laugh. We never did get through the whole prayer...

I also think I mentioned previously that I bought PB&J for my family, but my Mama being as hospitable as she is, kept feeding it to ME! I told her it was for her and the family, but I ended up eating PB&J for the last 3 or 4 days in a row. By the way, the peanut butter here is much different than at home. It tastes pretty much the same, but it's in like liquid form, so I would pour it out of the jar and onto my bread.

I also tried a bunch of new foods while I was there. I couldn't tell you the name of most of them, but one was some kind of green squishy squash-like vegetable that was probably my least favorite food to try. Then I also tried jack fruit, which was like these weird noodle-looking peels that were super sweet. Also, not one of my favorite things because it was so sweet. They gave me fish (which I ate all of. Yay, me! and it actually wasn't that bad) and I had beef two nights. I had posho(sp?), which I like to think of as the African version of tofu, mtoke (also not a favorite), lots of rice and lots of beans. Mama also gave me these like deep-fried dumpling type things for breakfast a couple mornings which were pretty tasty. I think that's all the interesting things as far as food goes...

For another random event to talk about, the other day I was in one of the dorm lounges, where all the USP kids go to get internet, and one of the Honors College students, Jones, asked me where I was from because he said I had a different accent from everyone else and was wondering if maybe I was from England. I realize I talk a tad bit differently then most people, but England, really?

I also went running again yesterday. Woohoo! If I can keep this up, I'm going to be in super good shape in time for bikini season when I get home! I think that gets everyone caught up. We leave tonight at 5 for Jinja and I'm so excited! Lots more pictures will be on Facebook come Monday, I'm sure. Although, I've been uploading pictures for the last hour and they're still not done...and there's only like 20! Oh, the Ugandan internet...

Love you all, have a fantastic weekend!


  1. mmmmm liquid peanut butter!! Sounds like it would make an amazing ice cream topping!! Do they have ice cream there?? If they dont I would never be able to survive a whole semester without ice cream!! lol!! Enjoy ur trip this weekend!!! I miss and love u soooo much!!!! <3

  2. I second Bekah.. I dont think I could make it without Ice cream. and i don't know how I feel about liquid peanut butter.... anyways Love you lots!!