Best Day Yet!

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, because I should really be in bed. But today was by far the most fun I've had yet. Classes were this morning, then immediately after, I threw on a pair of jeans (YAY!!! Finally!!!) and us USPers boarded a UCU bus and made our way to Uganda's capital, and only city, Kampala.

They brought us to Garden City which is like a seriously Westernized mall, where we got to splurge with some pizza and ice cream. Whaat!? I then bought the essentials I've been running low on that got confiscated in Syracuse- toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner and bug spray. It actually cost me more than I thought it would. After, the USP staff gave us a short tour of the spots in Kampala that would interest students. We got to see a little bazaar/craft fair type thing, the Ugandan Parliament and a bunch of little shops and such. When we got back on the bus and returned to UCU, the Honours College (whom we're living with) threw a dinner/dance party in our honor. Talk about fun! I had a long conversation with a boy named Ambrose who was actually good friends with a couple girls from Eastern who came here last semester and I danced my little white booty off.

Tomorrow morning, we're all getting up bright and early to be dropped off at our Mukono homestays. I'm not sure where I'll be, but it'll be somewhere in Mukono, for the next two weeks, within 5-40 minutes walking distance from campus. I'm so nervous, but I'm sucking it up, and trying to learn what I can. I'm hoping my host Mama can teach me how to do laundry the Ugandan way- it sounds hard! Alright, I've gotta get going. I'll try to keep you posted as best I can over the next two weeks, but I make no promises. Now, it's time to shower off this dancing sweat, and get my butt to bed!

Love you all. Thanks for your prayers, and keep praying that the transition with my host family goes well. I'll need it!


  1. hahaha, Kaity... you're such a good dancer!! :p

  2. ...and I have the videos to prove it :)

  3. She's my favorite dance partner :)