5 Reasons We KNOW Our Family is Complete

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Shortly after we had Crosby, I shared that We're Done Having Kids. Life with a baby and a toddler was no walk in the park and I couldn't imagine going through pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn phase for a third time. I was tired.

As the months went by and some close friends started having babies, my tune began to change. I didn't feel convicted about having a third baby, but I did have an ache for a baby girl. I love being a boy mom, but there was a small part of me that felt like I was missing out on the preciousness of having a daughter. Chuck and I contemplated it back and forth for months. We decided we'd give ourselves some more time to just live life and if by June, we felt strongly about trying for a third child, we'd give it a go.

Now that June has arrived, I can say with about 100% certainty that we are done having kids. My baby fever has subsided and I've made peace with "just" being a boy Mama. While I have no doubts that having a daughter would be an enormous blessing, there are far too many reasons why we like our family of four the way it is:

Five Reasons We KNOW Our Family is Complete

1. We don't want the added expense

The financial aspect of a bigger family is a huge motivating factor for us. I still have a lot of student loan debt that we want to pay off before it's time to start paying for the boys' education. And although I know it's not a priority for every family, we also really want to be able to afford to give our children the experiences of travel and whatever extracurriculars they might eventually want to pursue. Travel is a huge shared interest for Chuck and me, and we want to expose our children to fun new places from a young age.

2. We don't want three kids!

Two is a handful. Three? I legit don't know how other families do it. We like the freedom that comes with being able to play "man to man" defense with our kids. Chuck will frequently take Charlie out to the playground to play with his same-aged cousin while Crosby and I enjoy some one-on-one time at home. It gives us a little bit of time to breathe only having to look after one kid at a time.

3. We don't feel like there's someone missing

I know it sounds silly, but this was a piece of advice I often heard when trying to decide whether we wanted to remain a family of four- and I get it! Before we even got pregnant, I knew that Crosby was the missing piece of our family. It was this phantom feeling of not having someone in our house who I knew belonged there. Although we would obviously accept a third child into our home and hearts, I don't feel that our family is incomplete the way it is now.

4. I physically don't want to have another child

I know a lot of women enjoy pregnancy, but I don't count myself among them. I didn't hate pregnancy, I kind of just tolerated it as a means to an end. And childbirth? You remember I had two natural births, right? I really don't care to experience the pain of childbirth and the postpartum recovery that comes with it a third time. Not to mention, an additional year of breastfeeding! I had four years of not feeling like I had ownership over my own body and it kind of messed with my brain. For the first time since I got pregnant with Charlie in March of 2014, my body is mine alone. I'm enjoying reclaiming my post-baby body.

5. I don't want anyone to be left out

The thing that always bothered me about having three kids is I feared that one kid would always be left out. And with Charlie and Crosby being so close in age, it would likely be the youngest. Basically, if I didn't want any of my children to be "odd man out," I'd have to have four kids. An older Mom-of-3 friend of mine pretty much confirmed this for me. I want an even number of kids, but I don't want four kids, so this seems pretty straight forward.

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