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About once a month, I try to spread some blogging love and spotlight the bloggers who deserve a little extra recognition. Sometimes I feel silly about blogging. Like, who honestly cares what I have to say? When someone tells me something I've written, I get all squirmy and awkward. I think it's largely because I love this silly hobby of mine oh so much, and I hate to admit just how much I do.

One thing I love about blogging is the community. Being a mother to two little ones can be very isolating at times. So the fact that I get to sneak a peek into the lives of women who are in the same season of motherhood as I am feels really, really comforting.

So, without further ado (and in no particular order), here were my favorite bloggers in 2017:

Top 10 Bloggers to Read in 2018

Whimsical September

I really look up to Erica as the blogger I hope to be someday. She's struck the perfect balance between heartfelt posts about her family, practical parenting tips, recipes and blogger love.

Favorite posts of 2017: Harvesters, Summertime Food Insecurity and the Day My Eyes Were Opened | Saturday Sit-Down #39: (Bee)autiful Blessings (I'm biased) | Chalk Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Hippie at Heart

I've followed Candace for many years now. She doesn't post consistently (hello, being a military wife and mom to THREE!), but her posts never fail to blow me away. She writes with such raw, beautiful honesty.

Favorite posts of 2017: The Yellow Crib | The Forgotten Baby | Before He Goes

Nadine Rebecca

After a long-ish blogging break, Nadine returned to the blogging scene and gave birth to a sweet baby boy this year. I missed her wonderful writing style and I've loved reading about her transition to motherhood and her perspective as a NICU Mama.

Favorite posts of 2017: The Son of Two Iranian Immigrants | A Birth Story | What I'll Never Forget about Life in the NICU

the florkens

The Florkens are a married couple- Adam and Kate. What I love about them is that they don't post fluff and they don't shy away from the things that some may find controversial. Important things like, oh, I don't know- gun control? They both write passionately, eloquently, and intelligently. (Plus, they've got a pretty cute kid to boot!)

Favorite posts of 2017: Going Beyond the Meme | It's Okay to Not Be an ExpertThis Flag and Me

See You in a Porridge

If you're a bookworm like me, Kristen is the girl for you! I absolutely love her book posts and she just seems like an honest to goodness, fun and interesting person. Kristen originally hails from Australia and now lives in the States with her husband, so I love her perspective as a transplant.

Favorite posts of 2017: 2017 Second Quarter Goals | Swapping Countries with Erin; Going Home | How I Organize my Books on Goodreads

The Lady Okie

This should come as no surprise- I'm pretty sure Amanda has landed on my list for the last few years. I love that we're in similar seasons of motherhood and I love her perspective on being a full-time working Mom. Her posts are always heartfelt and well-written.

Favorite posts of 2017: 12 Months of Meals: A Practice in Generosity | I Think I'm Okay (and Some Thoughts on Self-Care) | One Million

Helene in Between

Helene is a bit of an anomaly in this list of mostly Mommy bloggers. I've followed her for years, but in the last year, she has really blown me away. Her posts about traveling throughout Europe are so well put together and her posts about blogging are always chock full of really helpful and constructive advice.

Favorite posts of 2017: Why SEO is Killing Your Blog | How to Go Viral on Pinterest | Ultimate Guide for the Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The Glorious Mundane

I met Suzanne through our Dayton Moms Blog team and I'm so happy to say that over the last year we've become genuine friends. Suzanne blogs about motherhood, faith, books and life as a law enforcement wife. My favorite posts of hers are about her unique experience as a foster mom and an AirBnB host!

Favorite posts of 2017: Breaking up with Blogging | We Said Yes (Again) | Hosting on AirBnb: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Hugs and Lattes

Christina is a newlywed who is a terrific writer and has a fabulous personality. I especially love her perspective as one half of a biracial couple and the ways that she uses her blogging platform to share the voices of women of color.

Favorite posts of 2017: a literary bachelorette party | when you call my husband the n-word | living in limbo [creating space]

(never home)maker

Ashley is another blogger I've followed for many years. She's a minimalist Mom to two girls. Over the years she'd documented her running goals and her journey in trying to conceive (TTC). But it's the way she writes so candidly about her debt and finances that I really enjoy.

Favorite posts of 2017: making sense of our debt: plan + numbers | my real life + being happy | Frugal Accomplishments

Tell me, who are you going to be loyally reading in 2018?

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